River Pebble Script

I wonder if it’s possible to do an adaptive slope in a script. I tried doing something like that when I made the snow script, but it was very buggy so I ended up dropping it in the final version.
Hmm wouldn't we have to measure the final distance for this? I was thinking briefly how we could do it perhaps using the FAWE slope mask but the potentially amorphous shape of the masked area makes this quite complicated.


We worked out a method for counting the final distance, you basically use that wool gradient script then step backwards from the wool block with the highest value. e.g. if you ran the script and one slope went from 35:0 to 35:7, it replaces 35:7 with 95:7, then replaces 35:6 ~95:7 with 95:6 and so on, then places a pebble layer on top of the glass according to how wide the slope is. When we realised that you could smooth snow with /smooth -s though it kind of became a moot point. Feel to see if it's useful for you though.



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