Resource Pack issues

Hey there,
I finally got around to building the launcher because I'm on mac and i couldn't open it since that update that made it not work anymore.
Now I wanted to explore Keath in the riverlands but all the foliage is grey and it also didn't have those leaves sticking out anymore that used to be there. Then, when I went to other locations on the server there were loads of do not use blocks all over the place where they weren't before as far as I can remember.
I assume I am missing some part of the resource pack or an additional mod.
Does anybody know what it is and where I can download it?

Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm generally pretty bad at computer stuff and I have no clue how to find it on my own.



The Dark Lord Sauron
Seems like you’re just missing the resource pack. Did you download it and put it in the resource pack folder per step (8) of manual launcher tutorial? Also make sure you’ve selected the pack in settings per step (9).
hey, thank you for your answer.
You can see by the textures that it is the westeroscraft resource pack. However, I deleted the resource pack and downloaded it again and now it works just fine. Somehow I must've accidentally deleted a file when I downloaded it for the first time.
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