Resolution problems [Win 10]

OS: Windows 10, launcher ver. 1.7.0, but i had a previous version and the issue still happened

Yesterday tried to play on the server for the first time and as i launched it, i had a strange resolution problem (in the attachment)
i tried to set resolution manualy in the client, my native is 1920 1080, nothing changed. When i'm in the game, changing the resolution in settings, nothing happens too: neither default nor manual isnt working. sorry for my english, as it isnt my native language) Please tell me if i need to give you more information


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Nevermind, i found a solution on the web. I think someone may have the same problem so i'll just write it down here:

1)Locate your jawaw.exe file
2)Right click - properties
3)Select compability, click "change high DPI scaling behaviour", select "Application"
(for me it already was on "application", just ticked that option on.)
4)Restart the game

Hope somebody will find it helpfull