Abandoned Redfort by Fin


Ok, the reason for starting this thread:

I've been planning to expand my project to the valley leading up to Ironoaks, as it's terribly boring at the moment. Here's the plan:
Orange: Mountains
Blue: Water (duh)
dull yellow: Roads
Red: Keeps/Holdfasts
Pink: Settlements
Green: Forests
Yellow: Agriculture

Note that the forests, agriculture and paths might differ a bit from this plan, a lot of the terraforming is based on intuition on location.

The main point which I think needs a discussion here is the "pass" by Hardyng, and Hardyng itself. I think it has long been the consensus to "open up" the Vale of Arryn, so it roughly continues to the sea. Well, that's sorta what I would try and accomplish with this terraproject. There would be a low and easily traversable pass, which doesn't necessarily even dip below the tree line between the Vale of Arryn and the Fingers.
This is where House Hardyng comes in. I decided House Hardyng could serve a purpose as wardens of that "pass". I'd create the Houses so far inexistent lands, add some hamlets and one or two holdfast along the way leading over the pass.

This next point is probably the most open to debate: The Update of the Hardyng Castle.
The rules on updating haven't really been discussed, so I don't know where my boundaries lie here. What I did was copy the castle to Playground and start updating it with a new palette and some style modifications. Interiors would need to be completely redone.
I got carried away a bit though, as anyone who looks at the test will recognise. The basic structures and plans are still there, though very much changed in appearance.
I am willing to find a compromise on this aspect, should you find it disrespectful to the original plans, or crossing any similar borders.

The plans are open to debate, and I don't ask nor expect it all to be approved at once.
The main part I'd like to have approved is the so far empty valley leading down the river to the ocean so I can start working on that.

Points of discussion:
Vale of Arryn opening
Hardyng's role and update
Pass from Redfort to Ruthermont (Emot? you wanna get in on this? I think I remember you once wanting in on it. Btw, another idea would be to expand redfort's valley directly south, thus making a direct pass to Wickenden possible... thoughts?)

These plans aren't really binding. I really just wanted to share my ideas, before I get reprimanded for turning a large portion of the map red. I'll probably be reaching out for help to other editors during the process too... it is a larger terraproject after all. Getting a couple editors working together on a project could be fun and more productive.

Anyway thx for reading, look forward to everyones inputs and thoughts.

(btw, who are my approving mods for redfort? I seem to have forgotten)


The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Fin, your plans seem good to me, and I'm not opposed to you working on this at all. You've been pumping out some great material as of late and setting a good example for the quality of terraforming in the Vale.

Regarding Hardyng: I understand that the terraforming around that area would displace the castle a bit, and it makes sense to update it as part of the overall project. I haven't seen your test yet, I'll have to give that a look the next time I come in-game. But depending on the extent of it you'll of course want to get more opinions first.

Regarding the Redfort-Ruthermont pass: I did say I was interested, and I still would be. However, I do need to focus first and foremost on finishing Wickenden itself- I was getting things done very quickly, but am now going slow again because of my higher priority on working on OT textures and planning White Harbor sprawl (if anyone wants to help with this, by the way, shoot me a message and we might be able to figure something out! I'd love help at this point, might make an official planning mini-app system in the future in fact).

But anyways, you seem to have a good system going for you, if you manage to finish the area to the north before I'm able to get to the pass, feel free to steamroll ahead if you want.

I wouldn't recommend making the pass more direct, it's not supposed to be easy to get into the Vale proper, hence people being forced through the Bloody Gate. Wickenden is only one house away from Saltpans, which isn't even considered a Vale build.

btw, I'm one of your approving mods :D


I defntely love the updated keep. though tobyey pointed out the counterweight bridge doesn't work that way. I really like your update, i only want you to keep one thing of the old castle: the hall's furniture. :D


Just something I wanna run by my dear approving mods (especially @Emotione11).

1. So I plan to update Castle Redfort, by replacing it with the existing full-scale model right next to the current one. It's been floating around for quite a while. Effectively not much changes in terms of layout or style. It's simply adjusted to current standards, for a simpler, more elegant look. Also I'll be replacing the red keep red sandstone palette with red clay and regular bricks, because I just can't reconcile the logic behind the red-colored castle otherwise. The new palette is partially applied to the updated model.

2. I've made a map for the last corner of Redfort which needs a landscaper's touch. The affected area extends from the entrance to the main valley where the Castle is situated, up to the terraformed mountains from Emot's Wickenden in the south, and the point where I've long planned a Mountain Pass to Ruthermont. Here's the plan:

The area where the locations 1-5 are situated in, is already done and will remain untouched. They're just in there for reference of scale of location. The location of 6 and 7 also already exist, though both will be updated/redone (the village as well, it's effectively the oldest part of Redfort). Number 8 is a point on the map where I decided a Mountain Pass makes most sense. Beyond it is for a stretch untouched World Painter terrain, which eventually meets a Ruthermont Holdfast.

Effectively the affected area spans between the white lines, which signify the ridge lines.
The color code for the landscape corresponds more with altitude and the climate at that elevation. Two areas of the same color imply a similar landscape. So for instance dark-green (where 2, 4 and 6 are situated) is primarily alpine forests and meadows for grazing. Light-green-grey is high-alpine meadows, partly natural, partly used for Alps with a farm-house scattered here and there. So the area from 6 leading up to 8 in light-green-grey will be comparable to the existing area leading from 1 to 2. In grey and light blue areas I intend to place a couple glaciers here and there, where it makes sense.

The remaining color code is as follows:
Orange: Settlements
Red: Castles and Holdfasts
Yellow: Roads
Blue: Rivers and streams, the thickness of the line is indicative for the scale of the body of water.
White: Ridge Line


Thanks for feedback and I'm glad to be back, working on my precious child once again :D


The Dark Lord Sauron
God damn, that map is some eye candy.

Anyways, I approve of all of your plans here! The only thing I ask is that you save the redo parts until after you've done the rest of the remaining terra; I think you'll cover a lot more ground that way during the time you have before your uni starts up again.

Let me know if you want any help with the Ruthermont pass. Since I plan to extend the terra I've been doing at Wickenden to Ruthermont eventually, I'm happy to help there.


Hi there, just wondering if there are any updates on this project. I'm currently listing it and Hardyng as 'In Progress'