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Note: Quoted from @Hal9007

I've been working on a tool alongside the Unreal ventures - a small GUI for world planning, that should eventually support dialogue, quests, and other MMO-critical material. It's not in completely working state yet; I still have to sort out some stuff with security. But in the downtime, I'd enjoy if any of the writers or other members of the MMO team could put forth some suggestions of what material they'd like to see here, and how they would prefer the application to behave.

It's essentially a client for an online database; on release, it will require a password to connect and modify. For now, the primary goal is to make life easier for the writing team. But my hope is that we may find a way to "pair" the database with whatever MMO interface we use, and seamlessly transfer all the dialogue and quest information at that time.

Anyhow, working screenshot here to give you some ideas:

As you can probably tell, I made up most of these categories on the spot, so I'll definitely need some pointers on what to put where.
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