Under Review Project Application: Thorne Update by Jakeyquack


When Thorne was built in 2014 there was were very few builds in the area, but now it is surrounded and building and editing techniques have improved significantly. The plan for this project is to update the castle, houses and surrounding lands of Thorne to meet current server standards.

In detail:
  • Update houses by removing logs, neatening daub, improving the thatch, simplifying gardens etc.
  • Update castle by removing the spire, removing a lot of the stuff on the roof, changing the gradient, and making it a little more realistic by adding a surrounding wall.
  • Fix forest and fields to match what now exists in the crownlands.
All existing buildings will be altered rather than rebuilt and changes to interiors will be avoided as much as possible.



Tests can be found on my plot (I keep forgetting to ask a mod to set a warp for it; /warp stein and then go south). I've only updated the castle palette on the North side.

I haven't been active for a while so any feedback or suggestions is really appreciated! Thank you!


I’d say go for updating the house style more and get rid of the bell style rooves!

Thanks for the advice. I'm trying to avoid making changes that would require any alterations to the interior of houses which makes completely updating to what is now considered good practice impossible. I have to draw the line somewhere otherwise I'll end up nuking the place and starting over. I'm concerned about the surrounding lands more than anything else since currently they are a bit of a stain on the crownlands looking from the dynamap whereas it will be fairly rare that someone would actually warp to Thorne.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by bell style but I'm happy to try any specific recomendations you have as long as they wouldn't require excessive changes.
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Donkey Lord
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By bell style I meant how the roof begins steeply then flattens off, making the overall shape appear like a bell.