Under Review Project Annexation Application: House Brune of Brownhollow



Project Annexation Application:

House Brune of Brownhollow



As I have mentioned in my Boggs Project Application Thread I would like to annex Brownhollow into Boggs for a bunch of reason stated below:
  • The lands of house Brownhollow is an area located east of Boggs, its very small stretch of lands around 600 blocks W-E, 500 blocks N-S (large part taken up by mountains) leaving it with a very little space for a full project.
  • Furthermore the only "open" border Brownhollow has is with Boggs, as its located at the end of Boggs coast which is isolated from the eastern and northern side of Crackclaw by a mountain-range, thus naturally forming a connection to Boggs.
  • To maintain quality of Boggs and assure smooth transition between projects Brownhollow would have to be heavily incorporated into the Boggs land and style, as there is no space for any natural vision blocker/distance creator such as a forest, thus to assure such transition, having a single builder build both projects would be in my opinion an optimal solution as I can provide it with additional land from Boggs and a meaningful consistency throughout the region.


Apart from what we know about Crackclaw Point, ( mentioned in my Boggs app ) there is not much mentioned about House Brune of Brownhollow apart from being cousins to Brunes of Dyrden, however unlike them, they are only a knightly house. At some point before the conquest two Brune brothers united Cracklaw point for their lifetime. Apart from that we know that along with the rest of the houses at Cracklaw the Brunes were a staunch Targaryen loyalists. From our current timeline a distant member of Brunes of Brownhollow is Lothor Brune, however Brunes of Brownhollow deny him being related to them.

Land Layout:

Brownhollow map.png
The Village of Brownhollow will sit in a a narrow hollow in the landscape, mostly oriented on farming and woodwork it will smoothly transition into the 2nd hamlet via a road populated by farmsteads. The 2nd hamlet will be using a small beach opening in the craggy coastline of Cracklaw to make a living- with bunch of inhabitants using the sea as a source of their living, however once again most will depend on agriculture and forest to provide for them. The Brownhollow keep will sit in a narrow and shallow cliff opening slightly above the village, giving it a nice overview of the lands. For the terrain I plan on extending the cliffs from Boggs bit further into Brownhollow lands with an eventual transition into a rocky coastline. There is a likely chance of me adding an industry such as forest glass or atleast charcoal burners into the lands, however this will depend on how much space will be left after the necessary terraforming and plotting.


The house tests will be identical to the ones found at Boggs, while for the keep I've decided to go for something bit more unorthodox, since the name Brownhollow suggests some sort of hole or an opening and given the Crackclaw hook being filled with caves, I have decided for a small cave castle based on Rappenstein Castle.


Thats about it,



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Not an approving mod of Boggs, so I'd leave the approval to them probably, but in my opinion I would advise to focus on the work you still have on Boggs. You have quite a large amount of lands and terra on your plate already, and you have a reputation of leaving your projects then coming back to them, so I'd recommend to come back to this application once Boggs is more advanced ;)


I am still planning on doing so, just waiting for our next update to hit, before bringing it up again, since I will get some much needed coloring changes. For the general state of Boggs - it’s still happening & mostly waiting for the upcoming patch to hit & developing scripts, along with some terraformin,I might open some hamlets soonish. With Brownhollow I stand with what I said in the post before, I would only probably change the castle tests to something less prominent located inside the village - something along a fortified estate