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    16 soon to be 17


    I heard about the server in a YouTube video a few years back although I cannot remember the name of the video nor the YouTuber.

    Lord of the rings, Game of thrones, Eragon.

    All of the above

    All of the above

    My favorite character is Tyrion Lannister due to his character and traits, his relations with his brother and sister(Which I personally find quite interesting) and the situation regarding his loyalty towards Daenerys in Season 8.
    (Let's just forget Season 7 Tyrion)

    Due to past experience as build leader on other servers I can manage some building projects once I get used to the buildingstyle, the blocks, etc.

    I'd like to build on Westeroscraft as not only to contribute to finishing the amazing world Westeros but also to further my own building skills and work beyond Vanilla minecraft.

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  2. Hey Profilman, thank you for applying with us. You're off to a really good start! For the record, next time can you take your pictures during the daytime? It can be quite hard to see things in a night-time screenshot.

    Things I like:
    - Pretty good interiors (especially the attic and bottom floor)
    - Great rafters in the attic
    - Good daub and wattle patterning
    - Great yard! I can see it fitting right into Fairmarket

    Things that need improvement:
    - The single wall made of sandstone is a bit odd, and also too plain - ideally mix the sandstone in with a similar colour block (example below is dark monochrome sandstone and dark vivid sandstone)[​IMG]
    - Too many bookcases/scrolls in the house. Remember the literacy rate in Westeros is very low, and that being literate didn't mean that you were going to own an entire bookcase. As a rule of thumb, save them for the nobility or occasional high class
    - Make sure you cover the unused sides of cabinets, crafting tables and bookcases with either another block or a halfdoor (example below) [​IMG]
    - The base is too skinny for the upper house. I think you see it best in the photo below where it goes from 5 wide at the base to 9 blocks at the top. I think part of it is the skewed perspective of your screenshots (not sure what's happening there) but it seems excessive regardless [​IMG]

    There are other things you could improve on, but some of these you'll learn with time checking things out on the server. Your challenge is to build a house in the style of /warp BandallonTown. My advice is to find 5 houses you like in Bandallon Town and take photos of them, then go into singleplayer and use them as a reference to make one of your own. Focus particularly on creating logical, class appropriate interiors (make it a low/middle class blacksmith) and putting the house in the context of the environment with a veggie garden, weeds/vines and a road outside the house.

    Good luck!
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    Finally got time to build a house in the style that was requested:D(Been busy the past few days). The house is a low class house partially converted into a blacksmith.

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  4. Hey Profil, great job!

    Things I like:
    - Great yard
    - Solid exteriors (exceptional use of vines)
    - Very good smithy

    Things that need improvement:
    - The semi-attic area with the beds is weird. It shouldn't be irregularly shaped and it doesn't appear to have any supports - how would it stay up irl?

    You're doing really well, and I think you show a lot of promise as a builder. For your next challenge, I would like you to build a two storey house in the style of Silverhill. I want you to focus on making a good stone mix, creating an aesthetically pleasing exterior and nice rafters.

    Good luck!
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    Had time to finish the Silverhill house today, I personally think it turned out decently even though I had some trouble building in this particular style. The house is a low class, two storey building.