Probation: Thevikingcorgi


Hi Thevikingcorgi,
I can be your probation leader. What you need to do is build 5 different houses from 5 different styles within the probationary month. I'll check those houses out and provide feedback, after a month if all the builds are satisfactory you will be promoted to full builder.
If possible I will give you feedback in game. as I am in UTC +10 it may be somewhat difficult, so I will leave melons with feedback on them.
I really liked seeing the improvements in your builder app so I look forward to working with you in game! Good luck
thank you looking forward to working with you
probation build #1 & 2 /warp duskendale

#1 x: 5149.578 z: 1138.384
#2 x: 5417.739 z: 11590.570

#3 warp ss x: -1575.747 z:10840.060


I've left melons on all of them. some things I noticed happening a lot was:
-you love candles. candles were somewhat a luxury and there shouldn't be any more than 1 in a low class house at most, unless they are a chandler. In places without too much trade or a chandler, like dfringfort, there should not be candles at all in low class houses.
-if you are worrying about lighting, put in a window rather than a candle. This doesn't apply in the North
-Pay attention to the style guide. Its there for a reason.
-Pay attention to whether or not a plot is open. in SS sprawl one should only build inside the lime green line in the sky. you built outside of it. That is the only major thing I noticed.

Only one major issue, its series of very good builds with only details awry. I'd like each of the melons addressed though and feel free to counter any of my suggestions with your own reasoning, my word is not law. I particularly liked the low-class duskendale house btw

remember you are not limited to these 5 builds and can keep building throughout the probationary period. I will continue to give feedback on your builds if you put them in this thread
Thank so much for the feedback! I made sure to address all of the melons in my builds. The feedback in each of my houses really helped learn some of the dos and don'ts of the server. I still am learning the rules of the server and the ways things are done, as well as the build styles and what to put in each house. I will also make sure to pay more close attention to the style guides. Sorry of the ss mix up this was on my very first day so I was still learning the ropes and didn't realize it was just out of the line. My next 3 builds have improved I made sure they went along with the style guides provided
build #6 and & 7 are at warp woodwright head south to x: -5999.685 z: 20355.407 the other build right next to it
#8 warp ramsaysmill x:4687.463 z: 8885.907
hello, I haven't been as active lately, do to school, but I have made a few builds that I would appreciate some feedback on:
build #10 warp Norrey x:842.226 z: -15001.446 I saw that I was given feedback for this one don't know if it was you or iron whatever the case I made sure to fix those issues. (I thought a bilier was a different profession which is where the confusion came from)

warp Gallowsgrey
build #11 x:2449.462 z: 19114.576
build #12 x: 2483.468 z:19043.884