Probation: Stone_Golem

Hey Stone Golem, congrats on passing in your app! :D I'll be your probation leader for this following month.

Basically, you'll need to build at least 5 houses in 5 different projects and I'll go over those (and any other you build) and give you feedback. I always think it's better to give feedback directly to you in-game, but I may post it in here or leave it directly in the builds if necessary. When the probation completes one month if you're up to standards you'll be approved as a full builder.

Good luck and feel free to message me if you need help with anything :)
Hi Ricardus, looking forward to this probation month :D Yeah, direct feedback is probably better, just hope the different timezones wont be a problem for that.

Build Nr 5:
/warp csham4
Coords: -1774 49 18026
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