Probation: RavishMeRed

Hey Ravish, I'll be your probation leader.

So I would like to see a few more styles from you, just from glancing over your resume. You have a full month of your probation period left and so might as well try out everything the server has to offer in terms of different regions, different practices etc.

So, I spoke to you in game today about a farmer you were working on in dyrtown, near the boathouses. I have not gone over all your buildings yet but will get to them over the course of the week and will give feedback on them. I try to be fair and encouraging, but if I don't mention something in feedback, I probably like it.

You seem to be pretty competent already so I will be looking for details and better ways of doing things with arranging and setting up spaces, representing professions etc, so Goodluck and have some fun building!
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Okay, I should have updated the thread sooner. We talked in game, went over the first seven houses together in game and I need to go back over the seventh to make sure the rest of the dyrtown houses are all well and good, I am sure they will be.
Looking forward to seeing the whorehouse. Don't take too much business away from Ammika ;)

Biggest issue which is tiiiiny is to avoid using checkerboards when doing gradients and to remember about where erosion would be.
'tis all for now, keep building!
OK, I have been through all of your houses now. I've left melons on everything from the dyrtown onwards. Good stuff, mostly just a few details about interiors. Keep building!
You have about 11 more days left of your probation period. Only thing that stands out from checking this is that you should not use slabs on the very edge block of rooves. The thatch would collapse off very shortly after becoming like that.
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Glad to finally see some plots open up :p (jk but not really)

- /warp wdh5
Septon house, poor, next to sept ofc
and graveyard beside it

-/warp rmvillage
furthest north east side of village, poor farmer house w/ storage below

these make the total to #24 i believe
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