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Hi JJ, we have gone through all the houses in game and did not find any major issues. The last house at Orme had some stuff to remember for next time.
  • Use light thatch not dark thatch in the Reach (whole south)
  • Remember to add mud to the yards (should a few larger patches, not many small).
  • Add slabs if the yards has height differences.
Goodluck out there!
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Hey JJ

Let's get to it.

  • Not bad. Utilized the space under the stairs for optimal storage.
  • Cool
  • Remember to use both carpet and full blocks of thatch for thatch covers on the ground.
  • I replaced a table block with a bench block. Remember to only use the table drawers in high and mid class.
  • Remember to add mud to such big yards.

We talked about this one. And i don't have much to add. But...
  • There is work benches with several exposed sides!
  • The amount of gold is insane lol.
  • I added a carpet.
  • The windows seems off style. Might just be me, but i can't find yours on the style guide.

Thats all for this probation JJ. You period is over and i am happy to approve you to full builder!
It has been an honor to be your probation leader. Here is some links that can prove useful (i give them to all my probies), see this link for General stuff. Take a look at immersion builds. Here is some info on leading projects leading a project. I know you are planning a mini so good luck with that. If there is ever anything you need don't hesitate to ask. I am looking forward to see what you are going to add to our Westeros! May your days in service here be ever joyful!

Welcome to the team :D

ps. Though many builders lead projects, it's by no means the only way to contribute. Just do the things you wanna do.

- Johan