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Ive completed my first build #1 /warp hammerhalhamlet1

Coords -6875, 60, 20598

Farm workers home- Big family
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Hello Lyric! It seems you have been very active already, thats very good! So we better provide you with some feedback soon. I will give you feedback in game and then post the bullet points here. As you probably know you have to build at least 5 houses in your 30 day probation. There should be both rural and urban in those 5.

Here is some useful information.
  • You can find plots on the dyn map, via the menu.
  • You can also find plots at /warp build
  • To diversify your garden plants see /warp crops
  • When making houses with professions see /warp jobs
  • You can always ask people for help, someone will certainly answer.
  • I suggest you have the same name on forums as in-game (if you have two names, it can be changed here Name change ).
  • This here is the New Builders Guide
When you post your builds here on the forums please post following information:

  1. #x. The build number. Post it both here and on the in game tag.
  2. /warp ???
  3. Coordinates
You have already been providing the above information :D Great!

If you haven't already, i suggest you make a custom "tag" to distinguish your tag block from the rest of the builders. One or two blocks should do it. Don't want it to become too big and messy.

I am looking forward to meeting you in game. And welcome to the team! If you have any questions at all just come to me.

- Johan
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Hey JJ we have gone through all your houses together in game. Some have been approved as well.

Here is some bullet points to focus on.
  • Don't use glass flagons in low class houses, use pewter.
  • In veggie patches make sure the dirt/soil it is on is not just the fertile soil block. Use plowed soil and such. I or the project lead can help with WE just leave a note.
  • Decorate your yards with grass, so it's not just all brown.
But we have addressed all problems in game so there is no issue.

Anyways you are doing a good job, keep going!

- Johan


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We took a look at your latest houses in game. It looks great you seem to have gotten the hang of all building do and do not technics.
12 houses in 7 days, thats a good effort.
Keep up the good work!