Probation: JarlCloud

Awesome to see you back :D
I'll gladly serve as your probation officer. I'm sure you will quickly be up to date with the current building standards :)
Build 1:
You've captured the building style perfectly. I only have two points of criticism.
You've added an outhouse. While this isn't wrong per se, outhouses should be used sparingly.
Inside, you have rafters each supported by 1x2 blocks of half doors. This makes for a very flimsy look. I would turn the rafters 90 degrees, so they are supported on both ends by the house walls.
Otherwise, good job.


Hello! Thank you for the welcome. Hope I catch up and my skills are still there!

Sorry for the coordinates! :D

I am glad you like the build, your suggestions are on point, I will get straight to fixing them as soon as I can (I will be away for the weekend).

Thank you!
Build 2:
I can tell that you have been struggling with the rafters. I can understand why, as I tried to fix them and I was struggling too. :p Next you log in, you can go see what I did to make it fit.
Personally, I am not much for closets that consists of upside-down stair blocks with doors in front of them. They look so bare when you open the doors.
On the front of the house, you have a stone shelf/door awning. I would either change this to wood or do one of the wattle flower shelves you see elsewhere in the settlement. The stone looks like it would be too heave and would become a hazard for anyone entering the house :p
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