Probation: EverlastEvil07

Hello Everlast, Ill be your probation leader, in the next month you have to build atleast 5 houses in various styles. Once done, do not forget to post them here with the coordinates & nearest warp!
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1st house:
Here are the highlights:
- always have the ceiling be the same height
- avoid using cauldron blocks in low class, metal was expensive a 1x1x1m water metal water container isnt really practical when you can just use clay
- make sure your straw/thatch fur carpets have some order and shape to them, its better if they cover larger patches as straw was used to insulate the house
- we also fixed a few minor interior issues aswell.

2nd house:
- barrels are heavy, make sure they are in places adequate to their dimensions & weight
- avoid cabinets in low class houses, they are a finer piece of furntiure
- avoid using excessive amount of storage blocks! your yard has a ton of baskets
- make sure that there are no unharvested veggie patches next a a full basket of veggies
- do not have dirt randomly mixed into the ground mix, have it in patches

3rd house:
- try to avoid using military arrow slits as windows in houses
- make sure that better foliage leaves do not go through the walls

Otherwise a decent job!
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Here is the feedback:
-the storage shack should have a steeper roof, remember youre building in the north, and a steeper roof means that snow wont pile up on it as much! snow piling up could lead to the collapse of the roof
- the veggie patches are tiny compared to the size of the yard, always try to use as much space as you can efficiently!
- try to keep the same garden style as the rest of the project, right now your veggie patches are different to that of a nearby houses
Duskendale 6:
- All good!
Duskendale 5:
-you have a floating rope with a fish on it.... use rope harness on blocks like sausages, fish etc. when you can, in this situation id recommend getting rid of it
-try to hang a horizontal rope and hang stuff from it rather than having a bunch of vertical ones sprinkled everywhere
- use regular ladder, rope ladders are hard to climb!
- you have insane amount of sourleaf, get rid of crate full of it!
- try to fill up the table bit more, right now its bit empty
- why would they need 2 water barrels? one outside should be enough, dragging a a barrel full of water would be hard work! it weights around 1000 kg!
-why is there shovel burried in the dirt inside? shouldnt thing like that belong in the yard?
- leaving baskets outside would result in their preemptive destruction!
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Hey Simba, sorry I haven't been posting the builds, I have been very busy this week and always forget... here are some others I have done:

House #8- Winery Worker House
Warp- Brandybottom
Coordinates: -7244, 54, 15238

House #9- Farmer's House
Warp- Brandybottom
Coordinates: -7152 ,52, 15289

House #10- Farmer/Cloth Maker House
Warp- Middlebury
Coordinates: 1205, 72, 16814

House #11- Cart storage
Warp- Middlebury
Coordinates: 990, 45, 16959
- seems all good to me!
- I would prefer if you would use rope harness alongside sausage blocks, otherwise well done!
- try to avoid elevation on the ground floor of the house, if you think its necessary to have one, always have some sort of retaining walls, half doors would do it, I left an example above the house for you to look at & use
- are you sure that have a workplace with cloth & wool outside is the best idea, especially dyed one? wouldnt rain be an issue?
- make sure that vines connect to the ground!
- instead of having random stairblocks in the walls as a sign of damage, try to clump it up, in areas that are likely to get damaged, such as corners etc...
otherwise well done!
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Thanks for the feedback on my previous builds, here are some other builds I have done in the mean time:
Build #12, 13, and 14- Farmstead
Warp- Brandybottom
Coordinates: -7171, 72, 15071

I took the challenge to work on a farmstead. Within the farmstead, there are 3 main builds. As any other farmstead they mainly focus on farming for nearby cities or towns, but I also added a juice making side profession! It was a bit of a challenge since I wasn't building the usual house and garden like always, but I think it came out ok for a newbie. Everything within the farmstead was done by me.
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House #15- Ropemaker
Warp- Varner
Coordinates: -2497, 55, 15643

House #16- Baker
Warp- Varner
Coordinates: -2576, 49, 15650
We went through all the houses in-game, here are the highlights:
- we did some major interior changes at #12 in hopes of making the house bit more spacious and we changed to furniture to make sure it reflects the status of its owner
- make sure your mud is in patches rather than a bunch of random blocks
- always make sure that your water basins have wooden bottoms!
- try to have supports spaced out evenly
- make sure your windows can be closed if they have shutters
Otherwise I really like the farm complex!
given the situation you did well, however next time do your research beforehand, if you would have done so, you would realize that there is no way of fitting the proffesion into such a small area, however I am still proud on your attempt! Good job!
- All good!
- All good!

You are doing great progress, keep it up!