Probation: AzulejoDeColores

Hello Azulejo, congrats and welcome to the team! I’ll be your probation leader for the following weeks :D.

You know the gist, you need to do at least 5 houses in 5 different styles, you can build as many as you want after that.

When you post your builds here on the forums please post the following information:
  1. Build number.
  2. /warp ****
  3. Coordinates xx/yy/zz
I’ll try and feedback your houses in-game with you as much as I can. My time is GMT, I’ll probably be more active during the weekends. Here's this guide for more information: New Builder's Guide . Any other questions you can always contact me through forum direct messages or on discord!

The probation period is usually a month, but if I deem you’re not ready I’ll extend the time, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes are always important regardless if you are a probie or a mod, but, if there’s any better time to make mistakes it’s during probation! And while building you can and should ask for help from other builders, hear their explanations, look at their examples and ways of doing things. But don’t let them build and step in your place, the purpose is not to make state-of-the-art pieces with the highest standard, it’s for you to learn and improve, that only happens if you do it yourself.

But above all else, have fun and engage in the community :D!! And good luck :)