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Hello to whoever reads this,
As you may know I have applied to be a builder but I know I'm not the best. So I would like to put forward my other skill and something I'm much more familiar with. This is to expand the map and server in a way that will expand the RP side. My idea is to add NPCs that will give out quests. This is achieved my multiple command blocks and A LOT of coding. But there is a simpler way and in which all builders can help with. This way is adding the mod Custom NPCs and with this mod you can script the npc to do jobs and give quests. This mod can also make enemies that respawn at a time set and can make the immersion of an adventure.
I understand you may have to add a mod and the map is no where near completion. I have a solution to this... firstly the mod is small and stable and wont take much to add. Secondly it would be sensible to start now while the maps being finished as it does take time to do. By the time I finish all NPCs in HighGarden by the time builders will have finished the start of Arbor so I suggest doing it soon. I really want to be a part of this project and I think this could steer this server to something that will change minecraft history.
This mod will also allow quest scripting and npc texturing to put in GOT characters.
Kind Regards
Ps if you need more info just ask. Or if you need to talk more grab me on disc.
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Ye, for your information, we are already planning for that, we have an mmo-rpg-story team up and running, there must be some thread for it about, in the forums


Donkey Lord
Just to expand on what has been said earlier, yes, we are going to eventually be an MMORPG. However, we are currently in the building stage of the world and do have a number of mechanics and quests planned and being worked out.

To expand on Enah's point, the aim is to have the huge, detailed world ported over to the Unreal Engine, so that we are not restricted by what is possible in minecraft modding. It will also dramatically increase the strain on devices, mean we can have much longer render distances, etc. It would also mean we can do whatever we like in terms of quests, UIs, combat and movement mechanics, etc.

There is a channel on the main Westeroscraft Discord where you can ask questions about the MMO, its actually called the MMO channel. Antony Justman pointed out that there is a story writing team going on and there are also documents on these forums which have a wealth of resources on the planning already done, from how movement will work, to how a player's religion will affect gameplay.