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I was bored of playing on the regular Minecraft servers, so I started searching for a server with the same interest as me. This is how I stumbled on this amazing server.

Lord of the Rings

Game of Thrones
Clash of Kings
Storm of Swords
Feast for Crows

All of the above

I really like Varys because he's a very clever man (If you can even call him a man). But he's knows everything that's going on in the realm and manipulates people with knowledge and not combat.

People say that I'm good at terraforming and I like to design stuff like roads and bridges.

I've played Minecraft quite some time and I don't really have a good project to work on. I also want to take part in something big and watch it getting bigger.


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Dowager Countess of Grantham
Hey Pigxle!

Thanks for applying to be a builder, we appreciate everyone who’s interested in joining our great community!

I’ve taken a look at your application build and have a few bits of feedback.

Firstly, we ask that you post a picture of you in front of your build so we can be sure it’s definitely yours and not another builder. Please make sure to do this with all future projects, and please post one of yourself in front of your application house in this thread.

With your house, it has lots of nice features, but there are many aspects that don’t really fit the server’s styles or standards.

- We don’t really use stone or brick to frame the gables of roofs, because it’s historically inaccurate and would be a little too heavy for the roof to support.

- The large full logs used to frame the house is quite an outdated practice and we refrain from using this technique in any current projects. Perhaps check out projects such as Fairmarket, RedFort, Whiteharbour, and Bandallon for some of our more recent projects and the varying styles of houses.

- Your interiors aren’t too bad, and the use of space is quite nice, but I’d consider using blocks specific to a particular profession, class, or location. Books were expensive in the medieval period and literacy was incredibly low, so bookcases crammed with books is unlikely in a standard family home. Consider the person that lives there.

- The upper floor of the house is a little confusing, with stools dotted around an empty space. Use of space to create specific rooms is important as it adds realism, and allows you more creativity to furnish smaller spaces more effectively.

- Your roof isn’t supported from the inside, which would cause it to collapse in on itself. Look at projects such as Whiteharbour and Fairmarket to see how inside attics, upturned stairs and half-walls are used to create beams and supports for the tiles/wooden roofing.

Overall this house isn’t too bad, but the general style is something we wouldn’t necessarily encourage on the server. We like to ask all potential and new builders to spend time exploring the server and getting to know the different styles we have, and then attempt to build to those standards.

For your first challenge build, I’d like you to build a middle class house in the style of /warp Whiteharbour, preferably with a trade/shop space on the ground floor. Once you’ve done the build, please post a link to your imgur album in this thread. Don’t forget to post a picture with yourself in front of your build!

Good Luck!


Dowager Countess of Grantham
Hi Pigxle! Sorry for the delay! I've been on holiday and didn't get back to you as quickly as I'd liked!

Thanks for submitting your first challenge build! Great start! I have some feedback which you'll hopefully find useful and will help with your next build.

- Roof shape isn’t steep enough compared with those already at White Harbour. Take a closer look at the steep roofs we already have there and bear in mind how they are made and supported. With this in mind, you also have no internal support or rafters inside the building, meaning the bedrock roof would simply collapse in on itself. Use wooden half-doors and upturned stair blocks to support the roof from the inside.

- Your exterior palette is a little strange, having mixed grey stone bricks with the white harbour “landmark palette” which don’t go together. Take a closer look at the White Harbour style guide for indication on the different palettes and how to employ them.

- Please don’t use alter candles inside houses, as candle’s weren’t cheap, and a family wouldn’t burn groups of candles together like that in a house. Also, try not to use trapdoors as table ends; we have half-door blocks which can do this, without the risk of people griefing them.

- Your interior layout is a little strange, and it also looks like you have no supporting rafters to support the floor above the ground-floor. Take a closer look at some of the house interiors in White Harbour and hopefully you’ll get some inspiration you can employ in your own builds.

This house wasn’t too bad, but there are some details you need to watch out for. Pay attention to the little things which make buildings or rooms realistic, and when building the house to begin with, think about constructing it in a similar way to how it would have been in real life, this will help you understand the necessity of structural supports.

For your next challenge, I’d like you to build a middle-class merchant in the King’s Landing Docks style.

Good Luck!
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Dowager Countess of Grantham
Hi Pigxle! Sorry again for the delay! It seems your thread got a little lost! Thanks for the build! Here's a little feedback:

- Firstly, please note that all KL Docks houses that use Daub & Wattle in their facades, use the brown variant and not the clean white one. This is too bright for the docks, but besides the colour, the style is pretty good at first inspection.

- Your brick palette is very limited, only using two blocks to make up the foundation makes the building look a little flat. Most building palettes of this size combine three block types. Have a look at surrounding buildings and you’ll get the gist of it.

- Your interiors aren’t bad at all, but they could do with a little livening up! You can probably lose the wooden slabs supporting the ceiling, as the upside down stair blocks, if used correctly, should be good enough beams to support it. In the storage warehouse, consider putting in shelves to store all the goods, rather than having them pressed against the walls.

- Thatch and thatch carpet blocks on the floor also often add to the space, by showing that it is used regularly.

- The elevator is a nice idea, and I like the little window space you’ve made above it, however, the chains really would need to be at all four corners, or else an un-balanced elevator would cause all the good to fall off and break it.

- Take a look at the interiors of some of the other warehouses in the KL Docks, particularly at how the interiors are laid out and how the goods are stored, and it might help with your future storage buildings!

- All in all, this is a nice build, but with a little tidying up it’d be a really great one!

For your next challenge, I’d like you to build a mid/mid class house in the style of /warp Woodwright. These are the houses with slate roofs and daub & wattle facades.

Good luck!
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Dowager Countess of Grantham
Hi Pigxle, thanks for getting your build done so quickly!

Here’s a little feedback:

Firstly, The house is a little bit wide. The front door side of the house looks a little plain. Perhaps consider shaving a little off the sides, but other than that, from the outside it looks alright.

- The palette could do with some work. The normal progression of blocks should be cobble > bricks > small reach bricks > light stone. Having the cobble brick placed next to the light stone looks a bit weird. Take a closer look at some of the houses in the area and see how the palette gives a weathering effect.

- Your outbuilding has a weird flat roof which makes it look a bit odd. Consider making the building slightly smaller, then you can fit a good 45 degree roof leaning against the main house.

- Inside your interiors are a little bare, and your’ve used wood as the flooring. No house in Woodwright has wooden flooring on the ground floor. The floor should be a 50/50 mix of dirt and gravel, with rushes used to add insulation and ground cover (thatch blocks and thatch carpet).

- Your fireplace should have a large jungle wood or stone slab lintel to support the wall above it, and this would have been used not only to heat the house, but also to cook on. There’s no sign of cooking utensils, food, or any indicator that this house is actually lived in.

- Good attempt at the ceiling rafters, that’s very nicely done, however, the rafters should always span the shortest distance possible, which usually is across the building, rather than along it.

- The attic space seems to be the most well-used part of the building, but be sure you’re not adding crates and barrels for the sake of it. These would not only have been heavy, but worth a bit of money. Storing whole crates of apples in the attic seems a bit strange, and the only way to get them up or down is via a small wooden staircase.

- On the subject of the attic, you’ve made a good start on the rafters, but you’ve missed out the crucial wooden slabs beneath the slate roof. Underneath a slate overhang, you should have stair blocks and slabs, acting as the supporting shelves for the slate to sit upon.

Despite a couple of issues I think you’re getting the hang of it. I really think your interiors could do with a little polishing up though. I’m going to ask you to do one more challenge build, but particularly focus on the interiors. That doesn’t mean you can get away with making the exteriors sub-par!

Please build for me a mid-class baker’s house in the style of /warp bandallontown. This area has a lot of different houses, and I’d like you to make a house that also serves as a bakery, with a shop or stall out front.

Thanks, and Good Luck!
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Dowager Countess of Grantham
Hey Pigxle

Here's a little feedback:

- Your roof, particularly from the back, seems very flat? Not sure if that’s just the angle of the screenshot, but it really makes the roof seem strange.

- Be sure to pay close attention to your doorways and arches. The front door itself seems a little squat by comparison to the stall entrance which is very large. The wooden stairs forming the arch would probably be better replaced with stone, and doors actually added.

- Inside the building your floor could do with a little detail, perhaps some thatch on the floor to act as rushes. This would make the house look a little more lived in.

- The barrels stored in the main room are stored very strangely. Remember that these are semi-cylindrical and would roll out of the frame holding them. They should be stored in the safest way.

- Your ceiling rafters are 1 meter wide. Try to use upturned stairs and slabs to create thinner, more realistic rafters.

- Your living space upstairs seems a little lacklustre. There’s no real sense that anyone lives here. The table is very large and is blocking access to the benches by the window, which are also incredibly far from the fire. The small bedroom also seems a bit empty. Try creating wardrobes or space for washing clothing. rushes on the floor are a nice addition, along with perhaps some storage space. For a house in such a productive, wealthy town, you’d expect a little more signs of home-life, such as seating, perhaps a secondary craft, a crib etc.

- Don’t use two different thatch blocks side by side in the attic. Stick to either fur or thatch, but never both; they create a horrible checkerboard effect which doesn’t look great.

Other than that, this was a really good attempt at a build from a project with a lot of freedom and realism in it’s buildings.

I’m happy with your progress to accept your application. Please head over to the Probation Subforum and create a new thread for yourself. Guidelines on probation are over there. I will continue as your probation leader for the next month.

Welcome to the team!