Abandoned Orme (Laor)


Hey @Laor
It seems you're back from your long absence, which is cool!
Tho, it also seems you've taken over House Orme, while it should have been orphaned because of your absence. If you're considering to re-apply for it, here's a few words for you.

While I'm not opposed to you leading again that project, I think it needs a few updates.
Also, I'd like you to copy your application here, and to wait for a new approval (as your 2 previous mods were Capt and Tham, which aren't mods anymore).

Concerning the required updates, you have to (that's very general, just ask if you want more details to what you'd need to change):
- improve your field planning and doing, right now they look extremely monotone and linear
- change/improve and update the house style
- update the castle's ints and exts

Don't hesitate to ask us if you need any further explanation.
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Posting the original Orme app for posterity.