Abandoned [OLD] Project Application: Sweetport Sound + Tally Hill


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larshping said:
Me and Martins second project together, Sweetport sound of house Sunglass. Link here.


All that remains of the project are the surrounding lands. The keep and town are complete.

When looking at what needs to be done with the surrounding lands, we can divide it into two sections, the north and the south, relative to the town. The north has considerably less land, and is already quite well developed. The fields are all done as well as the main settlement. A small field of grapes and a windmill still needs to be added, as well as a few trees and hedges.

The southern lands are much larger and require the most work. My mini build, Tally Hill, a vassal to house Sunglass, still sits uncompleted (about 70% complete I'd say, taking into account fields and settlements belonging to the house). In addition there is a Farm complex which I started between Tally Hill and Sweetport which is also almost finished. The south is complete with regards to fields and pastures. However, walls, trees, small streams and small sparse settlements still need to be added.

In summation progress can be represented as such:

Northern Lands: 80%
- Grapes
- Windmill + settlement
- General landscaping (trees, bushes, etc.)

Sweetport Town: 99%
-I say 99% here because a thorough and extensive sweep still needs to be done before giving that 100%
Southern Lands: 60%
-Tally Hill
-Farm complex
-General landscaping