Abandoned [OLD] Project Application: Karhold by MrTXI & Flemishguard


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[OLD FORUM REPOST - 12/27/13]

FlemishGuard said:
Application can be found in this google document

MrTXI, Flemishguard


NickShaiB said:
An update on the progress of the Karhold lands, conducted by Iwan and Nick, along with my own personal assessment.

I've left melons at each of the builds detailing what I recommend should be done to bring it up to scratch/complete it.

KHHF1: Done - Work needed predominantly on interiors of the keep. Some outdated block usage and general clunkiness. Shouldn't take very long. Also the wooden exteriors of the keep look a little dated, could probably be converted to stone.
KHHF:2 Done by Lemonbear and Elfqueen - Mostly fine, however the exteriors of the holdfast do need rethinking for similar reasons to KHHF1. Also, again the wood is clunky. However the rest of the town is ok, just needs a bit of updating with new blocks and to make it less minecrafty. NOTE: Open for interested parties to update!
KHHF:3 Done by Erikiglesias - Pretty good but again the stone bordering wood is weird! In general this place has a lot of promise, but simplifying the exterior a touch and making it less stony. This build could really benefit from a bit of simplification! NOTE: Erik is working on updating this!
KHHF:4 - Flayer's End - Done by Aslanio - Updated by NickShaiB

KHTown1 - Done - Some stone bordering, which works better here but is still weird, but otherwise pretty nice. Lotta weird terrain set in the ground though.
KHHamlet1 - WIP - Laid out but not finished. Could be done in like a half hour.
KHHamlet2 - Ramsfield - Done by Kulmen29 - Pretty good, bit too much ornate woodwork for a poor village? Also logs stop in weird places.
KHHamlet3 - Removed.
KHHamlet4 - Removed.
KHHamlet5 - Removed.
KHHamlet6 - Removed.
KHHamlet7 - WIP - Started, laid out but not finished. Only one structure and a weirwood done. Could do the circular fields of the North with ease here.
KHHamlet8 - WIP by DieRike - It's not done, and there are a number of problem spots I've pointed out, alongside a few other things that should be evident by now.
KHHamlet9 - Unstarted - Probably the most modern of the hamlets. Could use some more fields, unbordered by stone. Also the gardens could be less stoney, maybe just some wattle fences.
KHHamlet10 - Removed.
KHLC1 - Done - Needs to be more like a logging camp! There's so many trees around, also the usual updating etc.

KHWT1 - Finished - same general issues as before, updating interiors, stone bordering, weird terrain set usage.

So all in all, not so bad. Fair deal of stuff needs to be updated to be acceptable today, but otherwise there is promise. The number of hamlets definitely needs to shrink however, since i don't see them all getting done or even being necessary.