Neyo Builder Application


What is your age?

In what country are you living?
The United States of America

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
Searched online

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
For me, asoiaf is almost a break from traditional fantasy, there is far more grey area than black and white, almost no one is "good" or "evil" making for far more relatable characters, and the setting is closer to being historically accurate than most fantasy, and over all how in depth the world building is, I am a big fan of lotr, and asoiaf is like the modern day cynical version of lotr to me in terms of how deep the world building is and how well flushed out he has made this series. Also Jon Connington is by far the greatest thing to happen to the book series and my mind will never be swayed from that.

What is your favorite build on our server?
While most builds on the server I find amazing, My favorites would have to be, Yronwood, Starfall, Hornvale, and Harrenhal. I choose these for the style and layout of them, the high gothic of Harrenhal and the unique design of its walls, how Hornvale is built in and around the mountain, barely clinging on it seems, and the Dornish castle for I am just a fan of the arabic style architecture, the squat square towers and how the buildings have an open layout, also the domes and spires/spikes catch my eye.

Why do you want to join our server?
I have played minecraft for the past 6 years, and not often do I find an active server based on a topic I hold dear to my heart, this being asoiaf, and seeing how the world is being recreated, I wish to help in this endeavor, and also having a friendly active community is a big plus, that is something that I have trouble finding. As for what skills I can bring, I believe that I am somewhat skilled in details pertaining to realism, and I enjoy building castles as well which has resulted in me spending much of my time in minecraft simply building castles.

I went with a Dornish house, and in it lives a peasant family that outgrew the house and had to do some simple add-ons, and I decided to use sandstone as it is in ample supply within dorne and is often easy to work, from there I used the dark sandstone on the bottom near the water to show how the saltwater has affected it, and the mud has drastically changed its colour and made it rather course, and on the theme of course, I used the plaster to show where wind sand and water smoothed the sandstone down, and I decided to use a thatch roof seeing as how the family lives on the river it would make sense that they would use the reeds and since there isn't a reed block, thatch was close enough, for a roof. I decided to not use a wood roof due to where they are situated there being very little wood available and what wood they have is dark to indicate it was waterlogged and washed up on shore. The roof was can be divided into two parts, the old roof and new roof, the old roof was originally a high pitch roof but over time, sand wind and water beat it down and significantly flattened the top of it over time, and it had a high pitch for heat to escape through, but the new roof isn't high pitched because of the added reeds needed and it would have been more challenging for the family to make, since it is a somewhat quicker add-on. You will notice how the waterfront side of the roof is darker, I made this decision to show the water constantly washing up and splashing it, keeping it wet, which has led it to decay somewhat faster than the rest and cause it to have sagging in the overhang.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow


The Old Bear
Hi Neyo,

Apologies for taking a while to get back to you.

Good attempt a Dorne house, though it's hard to judge this fairly as many of our Dorne projects are microcosms so not necessarily indicative of wider building ability.

Some things you did well

  • Nice external building making the house feel lived in with the outside clutter.
  • Immediately recognised as a Dornish house.
  • Furnishings filled the space (my only issue is the stormlands brick in the hearth being too much).

Some things you need to reconsider

  • Forgive me if this does exist on the server which has lead you astray, I don't think the Stormlands blocks are appropriate as a foundational block colour. I'd use a darker sandstone or terracotta.
  • Mixed thatch roofs are generally a no go, unless to suggest weathering. Certainly not in the random pattern on your roof.

Good potential, a solid foundation on which to develop as a builder.

As such, for your first challenge, could you please build something in the style you'd find at /warp Duskendale
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