New Houses introduced in Fire and Blood


House Bush - Ser Owen Bush of the Kingsuard

House Stafford - Ser Willam Stafford

House Bullock - Ser Merrell, Ser Alyn and Ser Howard Bullock

House Scales - Ser Elyas Scales of Dragonstone

House Shaw - Ser Robin Shaw of the Kingsguard

House Largent - Ser Luthor Largent, Commander of the City Watch

House Correy - Ser Qarl Correy of High Tide

House Bourney - Ser Owain Bourney

House Grey - Ser Garibald Grey

House Hall - Ser Garrick Hall

House Corne - Ser Roger Corne

House Quince - Ser Robert Quince of Dragonstone

House Greysteel - Ser Florian Greysteel of Maidenpool

House True - Ser Thoron True

House Lansdale - Ser Loreth Lansdale of the Queensguard

House Wheaton - Ser Warrick Wheaton - Gurm clearly added this to honor F&B's illustrator Doug Wheaton

House Rodden - Ser Richard Rodden of the Caltrops

House Bentley - Ser Lyonel Bentley of the Queensguard

House Wormwood - Ser Julian Wormwood

House Weatherwax - Lady Anya Weatherwax

House Woodhull - Lady Henrietta Woodhull of the Vale

House Stillman - Ser Russel Stillman

House Crayne - Ser Symond Crayne of the Vale - not to be confused with House Crane of the Reach

House Dutton of the Vale

House Ruskyn - Ser Raynard Ruskyn, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

House Warrick - Ser Edmund Warrick of the Kingsguard

House Whitfield - Ser Dennis Whitfield of the Kingsguard

House Brownhill - Ser Walter Brownhill