Music Production Megathread


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With so many people interested in the development of custom made music, sound effects, and voices for the upcoming WesterosCraft RPG, I figured it best to make a centralized thread. We've already got a few contributors; Demodocus, Hal007, lemonbear. And I know many more are eager to help. That is great! However, before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to organize a bit better. We want the entire project to have a cohesive feel...the songs need to be wide and diverse to represent the many cultures and ares of Westeros, but they also need to have a cohesive style, feel and instrumental unity. So, for that, I believe we need to divide into teams, with a select group in charge of each side project.

In charge of Music, I think everyone feels Demodocus has done an excellent job in making the sound that I perfectly meshes Minecraft, and Game of Thrones. Lemonbear and Hal9007 are also composers/singers and have both contributed as well, and seem to know what they are talking about. I'd like them to lead the music project, if they will have it. ANYONE can contribute of course, and thats important, but I'd like those three to oversee the music project, at least for now.

Our official soundcloud:

Hal has kindly put together a Google Doc for organizing and management of songs:

Also, a google drive: