Modular Building System


Angled roofs irritate me. The plotting of standard shapes gets a little old after doing it for ~8 years. And special rafters are only needed for special places. So I started looking into ways to minimize the time I spend doing them. Thus the idea of a Modular Building System or MoBuSy or Mobsy was born.

With Mobsy I want to create a shortcut for the lazy builder and the time-constrained project lead, skipping the process of manually raising walls, adding roofs, and adding basic supports inside. I reckon, that we essentially create plots from a handful of standard shapes.

Mobsy modules aim to represent these simple shapes as best as possible and are designed so that they can be combined into more complex shapes simply by superimposing them.

A Mobsy module has the following parts:
- A simple standard gable design
- Exterior roof made from cobblestone blocks.
- Interior roof made from oak wood blocks.
- Exterior walls made from white wool.
- All air in the structure replaced by 95:0.
- Red wool copy markers in the corners of a cuboid selection tightly around the module.

A Mobsy module does not:
- Have a chimney
- Have doors or Windows
- Have dormers or Awnings
- Have a ground floor or any other floors
- Contain other Mobsy module. Each module is the smallest possible but cohesive unit.

I'm going through the motion of organizing this properly at /warp mobsy. Not sure exactly how; possibly criteria are:
- Even vs Odd
- Degree of Rotation
- Size

I will update this post with some pictures soon. I plan to extend this system to include dormers, awnings, chimneys, window, and door designs as separate modules.
I'm also planning to make schematics from these to be used with the schematic brush.
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I'm thinking of the following rough classifications as an indicator of both size and status.
Serf, FarmMain, Town, BarnS, BarnL, Granary, Manse
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