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Steineke96 said:
So, to help Demodocus with mapping all the roads, I started with making a research document about the houses of the North, just like the one I made for the Westerlands. Green is done, gray is WIP end red is not started.

I've also made a map with al the roads and builds in the North. It's the first version, so a lot if things can still change. I'd also appreciate it if all builders who did a project in the North could take a look at the map and tell me if they have any problems with the way their build is connected to other builds.

Lower quality map
Highly-detailed map
Note: the highly-detailed map can take a while to load because it's 5600x4500 pixels big. It might also be easier to save it on your computer so you can zoom in as much as you want.

Green roads have already been made, the red ones aren't.

Now there is something about which I'd like to hear your opinion. There are three houses called house Ashwood, Holt and Long. There is nothing known about them, not even their sigil or words except for one thing. They all held the Wolf's Den once. This is an ancient castle in White Harbor which is now used as a prison. They are not extinct according to 'A wiki of ice and fire' but there are also no members of the families mentioned in the books. So now my question to you: 'Should those houses have any kind of keep somewhere in the North?'

Feedback and/or comments are always welcome!
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For review by the moderators:

I'd like to propose that House Slate of Blackpool be relocated to the area immediately east of Winterfell from its current location within the lands of House Flint of Window's Watch.

Proposed new location:

The old Blackpool is a small, mostly outdated build with no developed lands surrounding it. It would be a bit of a waste not to simply rename it as some generic vassal of the Flint's and use the House Slate name to develop a larger area.

Old Blackpool:


Currently that is the area of Runnymudd so you could either divide up the space or move the house somewhere else in favor of having Blackpool situated there.
Currently that is the area of Runnymudd so you could either divide up the space or move the house somewhere else in favor of having Blackpool situated there.
After a conversation with witherack about the placement of Runnymudd, it made more sense that Runnymudd would be in the Reach, or at least, in a region where the Faith of the Seven is the more common belief (see canon for details).

The project could still go ahead under the name House Towers, but as the house is extinct I thought it might make a good case for the relocation of House Slate.


What I'd suggest is moving Slate to a spot we want lots of lowland lakes in the north. Blackpool sounds to me like either the deep water of a lake or large pool, rather than the small pond house Slate currently resides near. If we could insert some Finnish lake insp that would be cool. Also, as they once possessed the Wolfs Den, I would recommend placing them further down the white knife, away from the rapids present (Fire and Blood canon) on the river some weeks away by land from Winterfell.
What might make sense is to instead place it on the Eastern bank of the Long Lake White Knife branch rather than the west, and give Winterfell a larger sprawl.


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Blackpool in the Irish Gaelic vernacular translates roughly to Dubhlinn which when anglicized becomes Dublin. That’s according to my old Irish Gaelic professor and mentor. According to him the reason it was named Dubhlinn was because of the boggy somewhat swampy appearance of the area. The area long time ago was apart of an inlet known for its blackish pools of water and mud.