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The Dark Lord Sauron
[OLD FORUM REPOST - 3/13/18]

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Demodocus said:
So! Everybody get excited, because this is the map for SP2 !!!!! (CLICK HERE)

What's funny (to me at least), is that this was the region that I first mapped, and now I've gone full circle and mapped it again. And also ... wow! ... this part of Westeros is going to be SO PRETTY and AWESOME!

But in order to make sure we do this right, this map (and discussion that follows) will be very important. This part of Westeros has some very defined borders, but also many very fluid ones (Westerlands/Reach, Marcher Lords of the Stormlands, etc.) so we will have to be careful.

Also, because we want the Reach to be an ever-opening flower, which draws you in petal by petal, the transitions between adjacent holdings will be critical. For example, look at Bechester, The Ring, Smithyton, Tumbleton, and you'll get the idea of how the Reach could progress throughout the Mander and its tributaries. Eventually, I want to create a "borders" map which explains how these lands fit together more precisely (and the area which you as a builder are responsible for!) The Reach might be like a jigsaw puzzle, and we have to really focus on putting the pieces together right!

This map also includes a map of the Standfast/Coldmoat area (very cramped, I'm sorry), which Blue helped me with (and Wakeeta a long, long time ago!)

I made some suggestions for other filler things -- some ports mainly -- and also a questing area in the Kingswood.

Sorry I didn't get this done earlier ... but hope you all still have time to adjust things in your apps, etc. and make could corrections and suggestions before we get underway.

Two Final Notes: I'm creating a separate thread for discussion about the Stormlands. And I did not map Dorne entirely ... because ... well ... because Dorne's not my thing ...

Demodocus said:
I've listed all of the coords for the warps of the other places in this document. An ambitious mod would be my hero if they set them! Thanks in advance! (And thanks to Dav for doing the Westerlands column)

Demodocus said:
I'm putting a copy of this map here because it may affect some future applications: including Herston, Bolling, Mertyns, andGower


AndyJones said:
Made a small map for the area between Ciderhall, Starpike and Highgarden, since right now it's full with valleys and offers no way for rivers to find their way into the Mander and the great Sunset Sea. Maybe it helps on the day, the Mander area gets fixed or the day someone applys for Whitegrove or Starpike (preferably me :D).



Not sure how I missed this before, but the Fawnton project is entirely too far West.
Fawnton is marked below with the yellow "F". I propose to move it to the area across the Stormlands border to the east.


The new position puts it nicely in line with Felwood and Grandview, who are mentioned as a group in canon a few times, most notably in World of Ice and Fire, The Fall of the Dragons: Robert’s Rebellion:
Lord Robert's victories at Summerhall, where he won three battles in a single day. His hastily gathered forces defeated Lords Grandison and Cafferen in turn, and Robert went on to kill Lord Fell in single combat before taking his famous son Silveraxe captive.

The new position replaces Blackberry, which I only recently located there as a filler house, and can be put anywhere in the Crownlands or Stormlands as needed.

I'm not sure what should be done with the area Fawnton currently occupies. We have three remaining unlocated Reach houses, Houses Sawyer, Bush, and Greenhill, which could take its place. The fate of the existing build should be decided once someone wants to re-use or remove it.
I think we should decide on which house should replace old Fawnton so that someone can apply for a redo if they're interested.

Here is the information about each of the three unlocated houses:

I would go with either Sawyer or Greenhill, Bush has a lack of information tying it to the Reach, while the other two do.
Out of Sawyer and Greenhill, I would go with Sawyer because I don't feel like a knight from outside the Reach would be mentioned at Highgarden, and with the tie to Brienne it makes some sense for his house to border the Stormlands.
I could see the argument for Greenhill since it could be placed anywhere in the Reach, like Aerio mentioned.