Completed Mallery by Dragons


Cersei's Left Bob
After 7 long months, Mallery is done.
I am very happy with the finished product and proud of the community for helping out.
I couldn't be writing this if it weren't for the likes of Endy, Tiger, Iwan, Wolf, Ammi, Willas, Dork, Marge, Nuggets and many others who I cannot remember right now :)
I want to thank Ark and Enah as well, for eagerly letting me do the project.
Thank you all!

Edit: the wiki article has been sent to Tiger
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Faith Militant
Umm guys. Were doing the WCW video and you forgot to change a couple block from wool to stone. We initially saw a few when we were recording and changed them to match the surrounding blocks but on the inner wall that connects the main keep to the outer wall (heading north), there are some grey wool blocks still there that I didn't see when we recorded it. They are in the middle of the wall at the very bottom on the side facing east.
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