So I made a map of all the canonical roads we know of with their canon locations and I put others where it seems they fit best based on contextual clues from the books. Hopefully, with some mod help, we can set a defined map from this to avoid these threads popping up. I'd like the feedback here to be constructive but not arguments of minor semantics which sometimes throw things off topic. If needed we can always plot out some more butchers for something like "Street of Flies", in fact, the few areas where some minor buildings need to be added seem to all be open at the moment and therefore we shouldn't need to interfere with any of our already in progress projects!
*Weasel Alley* Supposedly exists however, it is only ever mistaken for Eel alley in Cersei's memory so we have no true location or hint of its location apart from name and the possible similarities between the two alleys.

I hope you all enjoy the map!
(BTW my source is the Wiki of Ice and Fire and the books, not Semi-canon or non-canon outside sources so I like to think this is the most whole and inclusive map. I spent hours going from Wiki to text to look for any other context not provided by the wiki.)


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I'm liking this. Only thing to make it perfect would be straightening the Street of Sisters. In Catelyn IV of AGOT we get this
Across the city on the hill of Rhaenys stood the blackened walls of the Dragonpit, its huge dome collapsing into ruin, its bronze doors closed now for a century. The Street of the Sisters ran between them, straight as an arrow. The city walls rose in the distance, high and strong.
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The Black unnamed road from the Dragon Square through fleabottom to the Iron Gate has a name, I'm sure. If I dont remember wrong, all the five roads from the Dragon Square are named.
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As for the Street of sisters, I would like a consensus soon, because the Street of Flour District is almost redone to the Street of Sisters, so if it needs straightening, I would like that to be done before I plot/update the rest of the houses in the area.
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Looks good! Happy to make this official after a period of discussion.

One thing, I believe the "street of flies" already exists in the current version; I recall us plotting an area with a large amount of butchers. I'll have to search for it when I get a chance though.

As far as the Street of Sisters, I'd lean towards the solution that RavishMeRed described here.


Heres my responses all in one post:
Aeks: fully straightening the street wasn't the focus of the map however I would refer to what Emot posted here.
Spike: Only 4 of the 5 streets off the central square are named unless you mean the Rosby Road but that's only outside of the Iron Gate. Additionally, all the squares are shown with white outlines on the map.
See the Wiki Here:
  1. It is known there are four straight streets which sprung from the great square in the center of the city (Fire & Blood, Birth, Death, and Betrayal Under King Jaehaerys I). We know the location of the Muddy Way and the Street of the Sisters (The Lands of Ice and Fire, King's Landing), leaving the location of the God's Way and the King's Way unknown. However, one of the unnamed streets goes to the Gate of the Gods and the other to the Red Keep, making it likely that the Gods' Way is the street leading up to the Gate of the Gods, while the King's Way leads to the Red Keep, the seat of the King.
Emot: The butchers guild is off my Street of Flies so that's why I proposed it, I think Ravish left a melon above the guild suggesting this as well. As far as straightening the Street of Sisters I am not fond of completely rerouting the road, even though I'm personally not a fan of that sharp angle in front of Baelors, the reroute would pretty much change too much and cause the need for a fresh start of KL, so overall I support Rav's proposed solution.

Lastly, I have one minor change to make my plotting of Reeking Lane was a mistake that Ravish caught and highlighted so that road will be getting moved somewhere with more Apprentices, the current situation is mostly tenants and tanneries. I have the new location on this map.


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