Joseidon1 Builder Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
Don't Remember

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
asoiaf has more realism than other fantasy series (like lotr). Also the fact that the main characters aren't more or less unkillable and an interesting world building made it very enjoyable for me.

What is your favorite build on our server?
The Eyrie including the waycastles. It was one of the first build I explored, and I really like climbing those sometimes narrow mountain passes, but also the detail put into the waycastles to make them a liveable place. The Eyrie itself was the first castle I really got lost in and needed spectator mode to get out.

Why do you want to join our server?
I played on a lotr mod server a few years ago and had fun building there. After I found out that there was a server with my favorite fantasy world, I wanted to join and help there.

Tell us about your build.
The house is inspired by the town of stoney sept in the riverlands. A shoemaker and his wife are living and working there. It also includes a small garden at the back of the house for a little bit of farming and storage as often seen in the town. The house is two stories tall as seen in a few houses on the fortified part across the river or outside the wall.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow


Cersei's Left Bob
Hey Joseidon,

your house looks quite promising! I'll present you my feedback in three sections so it's easier for you to follow.
Overall, the house has some issues that can be corrected quickly, so no worries and just keep practicing.


- The main issue is the gradient. The basic concept of this is to create a gradient of blocks based on their color - from darker to lighter, or whichever way the style guide demands. Try not to have the darkest blocks touch the lightest. In this case, the proper way of arranging the blocks would be the small bricks, then the small smooth bricks, followed by cobble and finally some patches of the small grey bricks mixed in with the cobble. I'd personally add river cobble before the normal cobble for a slightly smoother transition.

- The daub & wattle pattern is just a tad too busy, but this is something you'll perfect along the way.

- When doing the wooden supports of overhangs, perhaps place the stair blocks from the sides so they form these little ''teeth''. You can find examples of this around pretty much all newer builds on the server. Check out Duskendale, our most recent town build, for the biggest array of these patterns.


- Since you've decided to represent shoes with a leather slab, I wouldn't use them for chairs as well. You can make those out of wood or thatch.

- The floors look a bit empty. You can always put thatch rushes on the floor to fill them up. They can be found in most houses on the server.

- The shelf design isn't the most up to date solution - perhaps try out the ones using half doors. Basically, place two 2/3 tall half door lines with a 2 block gap between them. Fill that up with parallel lines of wood slabs or carpets.

- Where is the attic? The house has a triangular roof shape, so there must be attic space, or the triangular shape should at least be visible from the inside.


I won't criticize the size and shape of the garden since this depends on the project lead. Personally, I'd make the yard bigger to allow for more crops to be grown.

- Speaking of the crops, try to think of the little details. You have a fully grown carrot patch and next to it a basket of carrots. Where did those carrots come from? If the basket is full, the patch should be empty and vice versa.

- The supports of the clothesline are a bit blocky. You can just replace the hopper with the fences and extend the rope (after you put the horizontal rope block above the clothesline block) on both sides.

Overall, good job on this house. There's space for progress, so definitely keep exploring our newest builds with an emphasis on finding cool furniture designs.
For your first challenge, please build a house in the style of /warp Gaunt. If you have any questions, post them here or reach out to me or anyone else in game. We'll gladly help you.

Good luck!

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So here is my attempt at a /warp Gaunt house. It's a farmer house for a married couple and a child. The yard is partially harvested already, but some plants are still standing. It also includes a chicken pen. I wasn't sure about the yard size for Gaunt, as many yards have more a field like size. I also tried to use less pattern blocks in the daub & wattle.


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Cersei's Left Bob
Hey Joseidon, here's my feedback for the house.

- The timber pattern is getting better, but there's still space for improval. It is basically the skeleton of the house so almost random patterns don't make much sense. Study how we do this a bit more. For example, for the sides of the house you could do diagonals meeting in middle in the uppermost block. The plain daub block should also be replaced with the timber variant.

- The garden is cute, but the veggie patches could be more uniform. I'd personally use the muddy sand block with some mud blocks mixed in and wet stormlands pebbles to buff out the sharp edges. Right now, it's a quite random mix of "farmland" blocks.

- The interior feel like two houses in one. Two separate tables and two separate sleeping areas. A peasant farmer like that would most likely have one table for cooking and eating and a dedicated sleeping area for the family. There's no need to add as much stuff inside as you can, especially in low class homes. Less is more :)

- There's several basket blocks that just feel unnecessary. A nicer way to fill up the space would be a bigger thatch carpet on the floor, in my opinion.

- Remember that barrels would be round in real life. If you're putting anything in them, make sure the barrel is placed on the flat side.

Overall, you're progressing! For your second challenge, please build a house in the style of /warp Woodwright. Preferably one of those with the steeper roofs.

Good luck!
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My version of a woodwright house with a steep roof. I went with a small yard expecting more agricultural areas in the common areas or outside the village. I also tried to use more common sense with using the wattle and daub in the roof. The interior is made for a richer/middle class farmer and his wife, as is implied by the use of slate in the roof and the existence of a second floor in a rural area.


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Cersei's Left Bob
Hey Jose!

My main two pieces of feedback are problems that have been encountered in your previous houses as well.

1) Repetition of furniture blocks and designs - there's always two of each. For example, two drawer blocks, two kitchen stations, two baskets... The best way to learn how to bring diversity to your interiors would really be just exploring our recent projects and studying the way we furnish houses. There's so many houses to get inspiration from. Honestly, with stuff as repetitive as small house interiors, it wouldn't be a problem if you decided to copy some designs you find interesting or well done from other houses.

2) Empty yards - exploring the server will help here too. Look for cute crops, bushes, trees, outdoor furniture...There are endless possibilities for yards and once you get the hang of it, you'll be doing them with ease. Most yards are pretty similar yet always different. A project with really cute yards in a temperate region would be Gaunt, in my opinion.

Other than that, good job. We decided in-game that your next challenge will be a high class house in the style of Duskendale, so good luck with that!


Hi Dragons,

I have finished the Duskendale style house. It is inspired by the style of the houses on the road from the sept down to the harbor and shares walls with another house on each side. A mercer lives there with two children. At the entrance level is his common shop for the common inhabitants of Duskendale, but the house features an office room with more expensive colored fabric and a place to sign contracts with his more important customers and suppliers from the harbor. Seperated from the shop part of the house is a kitchen/eating room and on the next floor the main bedrooma and two smaller bedrooms for the children. The attic serves as storage for more fabric. The yard features an exit to further yards like often seen in Duskendale.


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Pictures part two



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Cersei's Left Bob
Hey Jose,

the exterior of the house looks really nice. Just one small thing, I think you forgot to do the gradient on the stone on the outside (not sure if it just doesn't show on the pics). The yard is also getting better :).

Most of my feedback is about the interiors, which now feel slightly empty. Some thatch rushes on the floors and meals getting prepared in the kitchen would bring the house to life. Also, personally I'd rather do a two wide fireplace rather than two furnace blocks. Not sure why they'd have two small ovens.
Another thing I'm not completely sure about here are the bookshelves - I don't think a fabric seller would have such a big collection of books.
In the the attic, I'd add some half baskets and thatch, it looks really empty right now.

For your potentially final challenge, please build a house in the style of /warp Duskendale again, however this time one of those stone facade higher class houses. You can find a couple of nice ones around the sept square. The main reason for this is to focus on the interiors and finding the perfect balance there, so please take your time!
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Hi Dragons,

my second Duskendale house is now done. It's the house of a wine merchant (I just noticed I forgot the sign in the front). The floor now includes carpets, the kitchen has a new oven type and fewer books are now in the house. The ground floor has the wine store, the first floor is the kitchen and eating room. It includes a barrel for wine (it should be abbundant for aman with this profession). The second floor includes the sleeping quarter and a kind of living room. The attic is now more of a general storage room accessed by a ladder.

Part 1/2 pictures


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Part 2/2 pictures


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Cersei's Left Bob
Hey Jose,

the house looks nice! For the exteriors, I'd only get rid of the indentations on the front facade, they just don't translate perfectly in Minecraft, in my opinion. Also, houses like this one tend to be symmetrical, so the windows should be aligned. For the interiors, I still think they lack the balance of furniture, carpets and colors, but this is something you'll learn during your probation period. Therefore, congratulations and welcome to the team! I'll gladly help you with anything you'll need. Your first step would be to create your probation thread and after that, build at least 5 houses :D.