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Seal Rock lies on the outskirts of White Harbor. It is a massive stone dominating the approaches to the Outer Harbor. It is crowned with a ringfort of weathered stones of the First Men that stood desolate and abandoned for centuries. However, the Manderlys fortify it with crossbowmen, scorpions, and spitfires. The stone looms fifty feet above the waters, grey-green in color. Seals often rest on it.

Ringfort Information:
Ringforts are typically massive fortresses made of stones and pebbles. There are many that were built in the British Isles, most notably Ireland, where they were used for many different reasons from keeps to livestock pens to areas of refuge. More information relating to the description of Ringforts can be found in this forum post in the inspiration section of our forum - .

Seal Rock in Perspective:


Seal Rock is possibly a couple thousand years old and has been through much seeing itself decay and crumble from its former glory. The rock, several thousand years ago may have been bigger and somewhat connected to the mainland, but as with time it is now much smaller in area than it once was. The ruinous shape is brought on by centuries of storms, rains, floods, and possible hurricanes that have pounded the rock in to what it is today. Parts of the Ringfort may have begun to give way or have already fallen into the sea, while any structures that lay on the outside of or near it would have been washed away.


Though its former inhabitants abandoned it ages ago the Seals some centuries ago have occupied it as a home, giving the rock its name. The Seals home is now threatened as of late by Soldiers of House Manderly who have begun to occupy Seal Rock with minor defenses. To get up to the ringfort and bring in supplies, weapons, and any ordnance needed, a sturdy yet rickety stairway was built. On the inside of the Ringfort were two ruined structures - once Clochan's, stone beehive huts - that makeshift tents were added on to. The first structure was used as a small kitchen and food supply, along with a butchering area outside for any poor seals that were caught. The second structure was used as a resting quarters for those on guard duty at Seal Rock and it had an old souterrain where weapons were kept and an observation hole that was carved into the wall of the Ringfort.



To defend the Ringfort and the Port of WhiteHarbor from outside attack two ordnance platforms and watchtowers were added. Atop the ordnance platforms sat two Catapults (spitfires) and one Scorpion. The catapults were loaded with projectiles that were then set on fire and launched into the sky at opposing enemy ships that just so happened to try and invade near or blockade WhiteHarbor. Just speculation, but in times of peace the ringfort with its artillery may have been used as a training ground for troops to practice handling large artillery pieces.



I really love Ringforts and hope this gets accepted. Thanks Emote for the help and suggestions on certain structures of the Ringfort test. By the way I do apologize as there were some screenshots that I wanted to add to show the full layout of the ringfort and better describe it, but the website said the files were too big for some reason.


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Thanks for the app! I'll give a 5 day grace period for anyone else who's interested to get their foot in the door before I respond (nothing personal, I do this for all important mini apps).
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Hey Iron, Johan, and Simba,

So after spending some time mulling over both apps, I've ultimately decided to choose this one. Both apps were really good and thoroughly planned, so it was a very difficult choice! I like how this one simultaneously feels immersive and bustling, but also very dingy and makeshift.

A couple comments:

- I'm not sure about the platforms/watchtowers, they feel a bit chunky and random, and I've never been entirely satisfied with them. I'll probably want to work on those with you once the rock is in place.

- The "road" leading up to the ringfort will still need some work, that was just a hasty thing I did while terraforming and it looks too much like a proper cobbled road right now, whereas it should just be a path through the gravel. Also, there should probably be a few details along that - nothing like the things you were trying out before, but maybe just some subtle ruins.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an application! Hopefully some ideas from the other ringfort can be reused in some other place in the North. I'll move this seal rock version into place soon so work can be done on it there.



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Just on the catapult platforms, the catapults would probably be on the ground inside the ring since they don’t really need any line of sight against attackers, and let’s them be moved/repositioned.
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