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(I hope this is the right place to post this)

Some may remember my introduction post where I talked a bit about the Water Gardens and some of the real-life examples I thought could be used as inspo for them. One of this places was the munyas, villae-like residences at the outskirts of cities in al-Andalus and other muslim states. Al-Rummaniyya was one of the most important, being outside of Córdoba and propiety of the caliphes. As I said before, it's structured in terraces, which accommodate gardens and orchards (huertos, to be specific). Here I leave some links that may be interesting: images, some history, wiki (not much), paper (in spanish, but if you don't want to translate it it has images and drawings at the bottom).

al-Rummaniyya reconstrucción.jpg
Al-Rummaniyya's reconstruction
  • Alberca (pool)
  • Salón (hall)
  • Arroyo (stream)
  • Jardín (garden)
  • Acceso (entrance)
  • Cuerpo central (main body)
Huertas Generalife.jpg
Huertas del Generalife (Generalife's orchards). Al-Rummaniyya and its gardens may have had a similar appearance.


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Also on Medina Azahara/Madinat al-Zahra (palace-city outside of Córdoba) some houses and rooms have pinkish/purple-ish limestone floorings, similar to the pink marble of the Water Gardens.


Both are from the Ya'far* house (a high rank nobleman)
*: Pls do not mistake him with Aladdin's Jafar #DorneisnotAgrabah
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Thank you so much, it means a lot! I would apply but my region is in lockdown again, and I'm unable to buy a new computer (or anything tbh).:(
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