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    Yesterday after wandering around Castamere, I was wondering about Tarbeck Hall which had risen up in rebellion with the Reynes of Castamere against their Lannister overlord. I warped to Tarbeck Hall and found no ruins nor anything there and wondered why that was so I asked. I think it was Emoticone11 that stated it was not yet built or not even in planning. So I decided to research it and found that there was a nonagon shaped central tower with a tower on each point and a great hall underneath and flanked by 9 towers connected by a curtain wall and surrounded by moat with palisade on the outer rim.

    How did I find that out?

    I researched Tarbeck name meaning and found out it could be pronounced Tarbock. Then I researched anything reminiscent of a Tarbock hall. Found out there was a hall owned by the Lathom Family in Lancashire and that it was similar to Lathom hall. So, I researched Lathom hall. Finally, I found the castlestudiestrust.org site that described how Lathom Hall looked in the medieval era. There are poems, parliamentary records, copper plated engravings, drawings, and old maps in this survey.


    Apparently is was a important castle in northwest england as it was placed along a strategic point.

    Hopefully some of you all can use this as inspiration for building Tarbeck hall when any of you decide to build it.
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    That’s a cool thing but where do you get the castle description from? Can you show us the links to the research?
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    For that you have to read the survey.


    Note that in 1725 at the bottom of page 7 it describes that the site of the castle and its towers were levelled and rebuilt into a palladian mansion.

    On page 5 under the year 1513 a ballad describes it with nine towers on the central keep surrounded by nine towers on the outer wall and the ability to accompany three kings (or Lords):

    ‘Nyne towers thou bearest on hye,
    And other nyne thou bearest in the utter walles
    Within may be lodged kynges three’

    From page 6 to 7 under the year 1640s a Chaplain Samuel Rutter describes how it looked. The first part from his description states:

    a flat, upon moorish, springy and spumous ground, and was encompassed with a strong wall of two yards thick; upon the walls were nine towers, flanking each other, and in every tower were six pieces of ordnance, that played three one way, three the other: without the wall was a moat eight yards wide, and two yards deep; upon the back of the moat, between the wall and the grass, was a strong row of palisades around. Besides all these there was a high, strong tower, called the Eagle Tower, in the midst of the house, surmounting all the rest; and the gate-house also had two high and strong buildings, with a strong tower on each side of it

    At the top of page 8 under the year 1825 Baines describes it (from uncertain sources) during Henry VII's visit in 1495:

    'eighteen towers, nine in the outer and as many in the inner wall, the whole surmounted by a deep fosse, eight yards wide and two deep, immediately within which, and beyond the drawbridge, was a strong gateway, and in the centre a lofty tower, called the Eagle Tower'

    At the bottom of page 13 a description of the castle are depicted on metal plating taken from nearby Churches:

    On page 14 Jennifer Lewis sketched a reconstruction of the castle's towers:

    In the following pages it describes how the castle is similar to Caernarvon Castle in Wales.
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    No, I meant for the Tarbecks...
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    Tarbock hall (Tarbeck Hall) was owned by the Lathom Family and Tarbock hall is apparently similar to the medieval version of the Lathom Hall. So I researched Lathom Hall to see what it looked like. Lathom Hall is not Tarbeck hall but Tarbeck hall might have looked like Lathom Hall.