Approved Immersion : Pilgrimage sanctuary of the Andals


Also new plots are open and a very spécial build is up for testing !
-9 farmers, fishers and sheperd houses are open to build for anyone wanting too inside the town and scatered around !
-1 special build is also open to test ! the Way-Sept of the Father, nestled in a coveted pasture, semi into the ground of the slope, a sturdy sept with animals shelters and sheperd shelters build around it. this is a very open to interpretation creation, but don't make it too high if you decide to take it or else it'll throw the scales off !

have fun building :)
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Hi everyone !

little update : the moorlands are mostly done ! terraformed and painted, and the whole peninsula has received it's final handshaping !
as the terra is going good, i'm asking for an extension as seen below :
so the idea is that I want the terra to morph into the mountains, so I need to actually do the inner valley seen on the map, it serve two purpose :
-making a cleaner transition with the mountains
-and most importantly, the view from the road of the valley is really impacted by the mountains, especially the conical northern one, and I love the overall landscape it create while contemplating it, so I want to terra theses mountains so they will look nice from the mains point of view of my immersion.
it's also not that of an important part of the mountains of longbowhall, and i'd like to create the transition instead of leaving a gap.

so here is the map of the asked extension, and a rapid plan of the hydrology of the valley, with a little lake, and the higher streams.

I hope the summer is going well for everybody, take care in that seven hell heat !



Hi all !

it's been some times since I updated on that thread, here are some news :
i'm finally happy with the new form the septry has taken. After many drawns, tests, and creative experimentations : i'm now set on a more cohesive, simple and realistic mood.

yet, i'm stuck with some parts of it, and I'm here to ask for help. if any experienced builder want and have time to advise me on how to do/what to do on the southern side of the Sept, I would be very gratefull.

the idea is to make it feel like a sacred way to the sept, with nice viewpoints and while keeping the most interesting point of views of the sept ( which is the hardest part I'm having a lot of trouble with). curently, i've tried multiple ways, but I don't think i'm experienced enough to handle this "view" and this particular really central space alone.
if you are well versed into building sept and sept complex on the server, or if you are one of the people who do masterfull plannings or who knows how to handle building kinda big religious complex, if you want to help me or let me know what you think it would be of great help to make it shine and be as good as it could.
If any of you have ideas of place I could take inspiration for as for the planning of it, I would really apreciate it too.

thanks you for reading,
have a nice day,
and happy easter and spring everyone !
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