Approved Immersion build - Wheelhouse ruin


Just a tiny immersion project.

Based on iron age Wheelhouses - a construction type from Scotland, a type of (mostly underground) roundhouse with segmented alcoves around a central hearth. More info on them on wiki here.
This would have been built ~1000 years before our timeline, so for this one I'm choosing to make a ruin, but the video on the linked wiki page suggests that one might have been in use during viking times, so I think functional ones would be viable in the more remote parts of the north! (even north of the wall maybe?)



Overhead layout:
Much easier to see on my plot (/warp scribble), and I also have an "in use" next to my ruined one.

I plan to build the structure fully, then crumble in a way that makes the most sense on site.



I'm not *super* tied to this location if anyone has any better suggestions. I chose here because it's close to a water source (because why would these people settle miles away from a river), but on the edge of projects so I don't think I'll be intruding on anyones plans. And it's always good to add more interest to the Kingsroad, since it's probably our most well travelled path.


This is mostly done (and has been for a while, oops. keep forgetting to write this post) buuut.

It's a little more invisible than I had planned. I wanted it to be mostly hidden, but it's completely invisible on the map and on the kings road, so the chances of someone poking around are basically nil, lol.

So what I'd like to do is add some evidence of bandits: an overturned cart by the side of the road, as bait for folk to stop and see if people need help, and a smaller cart stopped, w some blood around it. Then a small path leading from the road to the wheelhouse & a couple of tarps hung up/stuff to show a couple of people are hiding out in there.

I'd also like to do a lil cleanup on the hill, basically just looks like someone forgot to smooth it out when they were terraforming*, and adding some more plantlife to match the other side of the road.

Since there's no nearby warp: it's at -502, -2942 :)

*It's possible this bit is still WIP, but since it's been grassed I'm not sure, and dama/simbaa are both always afk when I want to ask about it, and it's on the edge of both of their projects so *shrug* seems easy enough to clean up myself.


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That sounds perfectly fine to me! I don't think that grassy bit is part of either Waterman or Ashwood, so it should be fine.
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Any updates scribble ? Ric do you know what's happening with this as it's quite close to whhospital?

I believe the main wheelhouse is done as it border some of the waterman lands i tend to fly past it a lot but there may be a few more things scribble wants do do with it, however if scribbles is no longer active i am happy to incorporate into the waterman project and finish it based off scribbles original plans , if that help to ensure it's not a half finished immersion build left on the side of the kings road.