In Progress Immersion Build - Hospital Complex Near White Harbor by Ric and Seri

Hello everyone! Me and Seri have been planning for the last few weeks on a hospital complex to the western bank of the White Knife, right next to White Harbor. Here's our app for it :D

Wow that map is amazing!
I worked on a medieval hospitium in Boxley Abbey, Kent last year.
Here is a plan of the whole site (the hospitium is in the lower left, labelled "Barn"):

Here is a more detailed plan of what the original abbey structure looked like based on archaeology.

You might also find this video about the site interesting. It talks about the wider site as a whole for the first half of the video, the second half focuses on a smaller part, St Andrew's Chapel, which isn't as relevant.

Here is my feedback:
1. Riverbank

I assume you dropped the sandy beaches, from my understanding of the app, if not, Id strongly advise against them
2. Fields
While I think the idea of man-made watering canals sounds cool, I do not think they are necessary or would fit in the North, the rainfall in this area should certainly be enough to provide enough water for crops, furthermore after snowfall/winter the snow would melt thus largely increasing the volume of water traveling through the streams! this could lead to the fields flooding due to the presence of the canals.

Other than that I really like your tests!
Now to help you grasp the region bit better I provide you with the following:
1. MAP
Basically this map should serve as your basic guide to biomes for the area - green being the coastal region covered in forest, in this area it should still be possible to have large-scale fields of wheat for example. Towards the west the area transitions into a moorland - mostly used for pastures as the windswept & rocky area would not be ideal for fields.

2. Terra
While I am still working on the grass cover & banks, I have already decided on the forests & moors along and written somewhat of a guide mostly for myself, however I've tried formatting it into more of presentable and comprehensible form!


After exploring the test itself bit more, here are some things Ive noticed:
- the gradient is a mess
- the windows lack glass or any sort of shutters, given their size they would make the hall impossible to warm up on cold days
- it seems you are over-detailing alot of the buildings which results in it looking messy, a great example of this is the tower the entrance - the brick stairs, windows etc... it seems kinda squished!
- the buildings near the lichyard area is something I would expect in the Vale during 2015
- whats going on with the little tower on the white building, I am sure there are more refined ways of recreating these things on the server!
-We can drop the canal areas for irrigation but I’ll maintain one, the nearest to the forest that powers a water mill (overshot) and it doesn’t go through the fields.
-Gradients have been reworked (still some areas left to do)
-Made the hall 2 thick with glass
-Removed details in most of the test, specially the tower by the entrance
-Changed the 2015 vale buildings (aka silent sisters quarters)
-Changed the spire
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What we know of farming and weather in the north is that farmers are quite wary of rain, perhaps preferring a light snow.
So make sure you have lots of veggies that are fine with being under snow, cabbages, parsnips and the like.
"Rain falls cold and hard, and sometimes turns into hail that can send men running for cover and ruin crops, even during a summer "
" Late summer snows are not unusual. However, they tend to be brief and not particularly damaging to agriculture "

However, this sounds to me like channels would have their work cut out for them. What you could try instead is having streams rerouted and exploited to form basic irrigation and drainage.
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The changes you made look good to me - approved!

P.S. what program did you use to create the map?
I used GIMP, and based off of the local maps of that website. And for the trees and other stuff I would use a function they had that when you select the area of an image you can create a brush, so it made my life easier but still took some hours to create it. And thank you so much Emot we’ll begin right away the terra and plotting!!

And thank you Aek we will take in consideration your points!
I used GIMP, and based off of the local maps of that website. And for the trees and other stuff I would use a function they had that when you select the area of an image you can create a brush, so it made my life easier but still took some hours to create it.
Ah, I thought it might have been some sort of specialized map-making program, since I saw that the key contained some symbols that weren’t used in the map. If you did it in GIMP, that’s impressive! Great presentation.
Hello everyone!!

I know me and Ric haven't been doing as many updates as we'd like, but we reached a stage where we've made substantial progress :D

Here's the current project's land:

Changes from the original plan:
-We've built a keep for a landed knight, this came up when we were terraforming. The hill + the inspiration from this map WorksopAndRadford.gif, having 1 side the feudalist side and the other the religious with the common folk in the centre, brought us the idea to do it. But it wasn't just that it was brought to our attention that, in canon, House Manderly has 100 landed knights, and although we probably won't be building 100 keeps/castles/towers to represent that, we thought the gateway for whiteharbour through the King's road a great and strategic place to have a landed knight.

Here is the passage:
"Perhaps you understand, then." Wyman Manderly lurched ponderously to his feet. "I have been building warships for more than a year. Some you saw, but there are as many more hidden up the White Knife. Even with the losses I have suffered, I still command more heavy horse than any other lord north of the Neck. My walls are strong, and my vaults are full of silver. Oldcastle and Widow's Watch will take their lead from me. My bannermen include a dozen petty lords and a hundred landed knights. I can deliver King Stannis the allegiance of all the lands east of the White Knife, from Widow's Watch and Ramsgate to the Sheepshead Hills and the headwaters of the Broken Branch. All this I pledge to do if you will meet my price."

Besides that everything's according to plan.

What has been done:
-Major land terrain done by Ric while Seri was on vacation smh;
-Plotting, planning and layout;
-90% of the hospital's interiors;
-Beginning of the forest in the North;
-Started building the fulling mill complex in the northern part of the lands, with the flax fields;
-Water mill near the bridge
-About 70% of the keep/baileys
-An abandoned hunters house in the forest that was partially occupied by a witch (WIP)
-Started building the cider complex and the orchard;
-Cash's beautiful terraforming on the coast and mouth of the river

But the main reason we did this update was to announce that the main village's plotting after decades has been finished and ready for builders!! The plots that are opened have a gold block, we don't want to rush with the building so we can carefully monitor the quality of the settlement. Probation builders are also welcomed but be ware our expectations and standards are high for this one, not that we presume there will be bad work created by you, but don't be surprise if there's a lot of melons :).

/warp whhospital

We think that's all for now.
Thank you for reading,
Ric and Seri
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