In Progress Immersion build- Construction of a keep


This build is heavily inspired by Guédelon Castle. I've changed a couple of things including tower position and stage of construction. We don't really have anything like this on the map so far and I think it would be really cool to have a keep being constructed for once instead of completely built.

It will be located near Oldtown and Yelshire- right near where I am on the map. There's a lot of empty space in this area and it would be cool to have an up and coming lord build his seat there.

I literally cannot fucking get my laptop to take a screenshot so the tests are on my plot on the 2nd floor near the castle from Tangled. The palate I have on it now is rough but I'll make it look nicer in the end. As far as housing goes OT is not built yet and the houses at Yelshire look outdated. From looking at OT tests and sprucing up the house style from Yelshire I made a fusion style of the two (also located near the keep test)

This entire area is extremely new. With the keep under construction (large red X) there will be a nearby hamlet of workers (about 4-5 houses) all are either skilled in masonry or carpentry. There will be a nearby small-ish quarry (red circle) where the stone is being mined with at least 3-4 low class homes for the quarry workers. Last there is a brand new saw mill by the river responsible for producing all the wood the builders need with 2-3 low class houses for the workers.

Uuuuh yeah that's it I think

Please approve..... or else
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