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The immersion build i am applying for is a ruined old septry dating from the time of House Justman, and it has been in that condition or ruin and abandonment from the time of the Conquest of the Riverlands by House Hoare of the Iron Islands. The septry it self was built as a sign of piety and at the same time power and wealth by some Justman king of the Trident. (basically the "Baelor the blessed" of his House, but surely not that mad as Baelor, that guy was nuts).

Lore (as it would be a pity if that site didn't have some cool story behind it)
The septry was built during the height of the dynasty, when some pious king realised that to achieve holiness one must devote himself to the Gods and live with prayer and without any personal possessions. The king was a very pious man and wanted to do exactly that, so he decided to build a septry, near two of the most important sites of the Faith in the Riverlands, the wealthy Peasedale septry and the town of Stoney Sept. So, seven months after his realisation, he and his Court (which was mostly consisted by pious nobles, septons, and a few monks), decided to raise the septry east of the Threepeny wood, near a recently constructed bridge, which connected the two banks.

When, the king's son, came of age, the king abdicated in favour of his son, and he, his personal guard of knights, one from each important vassal House of the Riverlands, and the court monks relocated to the septry, where he was named Abbot-Elder Brother (whenever the term is) by the High Septon, who travelled there from Oldtown to see the king. After that the king lived till the end of his days there and was buried inside the main sept, a tradition that was later carried out by his son, when he died, and some of his descendants after him.

After the fall of House Justman, the septry survived the century of blood that followed, as all claimants to the throne respected the site. When House Teague finally took the Crown of River and Hill, the septry saw again an age of prosperity as the kings of House Teague, renovated it and expanded it, giving it it's final form. The septry reached it's zenith at the time of another pious king, king Humfrey, the last important king of House Teague, who made the septry's massive belltower and the private sept, as a space for him to pray when staying at the septry, he also expanded the septry's library filling with chronicles, books of philosophical and religious context. After the battle of the Six Kings, he sons and his brother, Damon, the last monarchs of the House where buried there, filling up the burial space of the main sept.

A year after the burial of last Teague kings, the stormking Arlan III Durrandon, sacked and torched the septry as it became a meeting place of Teague, supporters, who might provoke another uprising, thankfully, a big portion septry's library was saved due to some surviving monks who escaped to Peasedale and Stoney sept. Some decades after, the Durrandons, decided to rebuilt it, who reconstructed, some big portions of the buildings, including the two septs, and the septry wall. The chronicles that belonged to the septry were returned after a royal decree and the massive bell tower was fitted again with big bronze bells.

When the Ironmen invaded the Riverlands, the septry was sacked and torched for the last time as a show of strength and superiority of the Drowned God, the gold and the treasures housed there, where all stolen, the monks brutally killed or hanged and the bells where melted, the few survivors fled to Peasedale and later returned to bury the bodies in the lychyard, which lies outside the walls. After that, the septry has remained abandoned, the sight has been taken over by nature, making a small forrest which is considered haunted by the ghosts of the kings who were buried there, and the monks who where brutally murdered at the two sacks. But still the ruins and the graves can be seen clearly between the the trees and some times, passers by, who travel the road to Bechester at the middle of the night, might see figures lurking in the woods, according to the local legends.

Layout, tests and location
The layout and the location can be clearly seen in the pdf Location and Layout. The red are the buildings of the convent and the yellow are defensive buildings.

The septry has been inspired by several ruined Scottish monasteries, like St Andrews Abbey, or Whitby Cathedral and also by some ruined Irish monasteries
like Hore Abbey in County Tipperary.

The building (general description on condition)
Due to the site's violent past, all signs of roofs have vanished, as the roofs collapsed during the fires. The walls are marked with blackened stones and vegetation, there are trees and plants almost everywhere, and there is quite a lot of ruble laying around. At some parts even the walls have collapsed, leaving nothing than blackened foundations. There will be also some remaining arches here and there. Near the old bestower, there will be a small sept, not ruined, which is used as the sept for the lychyard, it rarely visited or used, and when it is, it will be probably by some passed by lighting a candle to pray for a safe travel or the local septon, once a year, who would come sanctify the lychyard, and pray to the Gods, to rest the souls of those buried there.

For a basic overview on what I am planning for the buildings and the site to look like, check out Thamu's and TheYoungWolf's ruined manse north of Oldtown.
Only, that in the case of the septry the place will be way more overgrown and aged due to the 600 years of abandonment. Basically the site will be a small haunted forrest with a centuries old ruined septry & lychyard inside.

There is also, the fact, that the septry, in a combination with Peasedale and Stoney Sept, would signify a Holy Triangle between three important sites for the Faith in the Riverlands, thus making that region one of the most important sites of worship of the Seven in the Riverlands along with Quiet Isle.

The gradient will consist of, dark cobble, river cobble, cobblestone, northern cobble and bedrock. Thus the gradient will portray the great age of the building and the fact that it was torched by the Ironmen 600 years ago. The gradient test can be seen in the pdf Septry Gradient.


Thanks for reading
All tests can be found in /warp king


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Since the start, there has been quite some progress, the septry buildings are finished, but the gradient hasn't, and they have been placed at the site. Also, the forrest making has started, the vegetation needed, like trees etc have been found.
Pictures of the progress made can be seen in the following pdf (I am using pdfs because somehow, the pictures themselves are too big to load).
The build can be found south of Benjicot's crossing, and east of that old stone bridge connecting the road to the Threepenny Wood.

Some Credits here:
A big thanks to Zsomiking who helped with the septry gradient.
And an even bigger thanks to AerioOndos who helped with the start of the forrest-making around the site.


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Enah, for some reason, the pics wouldn't load and so making a pdf was the quickest option, and as I am not known for my patience... here we are


An update on the current progress of the immersion build
Everything in the brown wool area has been finished. The septry buildings are done too, so all that remains is the main forrest, which is to be done in the same way like the threepeny wood.
A big thanks to Alex_is_tragic for helping with all things flowery
And an even bigger, but a lot bigger, thanks, along with great a sense of gratitude to Zsomiking for doing almost everything in the editing sector. Meaning the the whole area around and inside the septry, the brown wool areas.
I noticed that nearby the septry there are two warps for settlements mentioned in the Dance of Dragons, the Targ civil war, the settlements of Yore, which lies to the south west of the septry, litteraly a stone's throw away, and the settlement of Crone's mill, to the north of the location.
Yore, it self is a seat of either a petty lord or a knightly House, whose head took part in the civil war, so it should have a small holdfast. Also that settlements would be probably in the Crownlands, according to the Wiki of Ice and Fire, also Crone's mill was burned by Vhagar, I think, during the civil war.
So, to end my statement, I am asking permission to do to at least on of those two settlements as part of the immersion build.

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So, as they are nearby, I am allowed to do at least one?

Also for reason, the dynmap does not load, it sais to refresh something... i tried to do the refreshing, but still it doesn't work.


At last some good news

Finally the ravens bring good news from the Riverlands:
My immersion build has been finished, and now the ancient abandoned septry of the Justmand stands proudly in it's position. The immersion build includes: the ruined septry, a lychyard with a small round sept, the only building of the septry still standing, a small bandit camp and several ruined of houses scattered around the site.

  • A big thanks to Alex is tragic for helping me complete the bandit's camp.
  • A massive, even bigger than the last one, thanks to Zsomiking, with an again, even bigger sense of gratitude, as the forrest surrounding the septry wouldn't have been finished.
  • A great thanks to Willas Tyrell for helping with the septry's gradient and other various building stuff
  • And finally a great thanks to AerioOndos for placing the site to it's current position and finding the tree schemes needed to make the forrested areas of the site.
Some pictures
A view of the site from
The start of the "Avenue" leading to the septry
Me and Zsomiking posing in the cloister

The septry can be found in /warp ssruinedseptry


Cersei's Left Bob
Post approved! Great immersion build, good job :D

To whoever takes up the surrounding projects (Crone's Mill and Yore), it'd be cool if you extended the forest a bit in some places so it connects better with your lands.
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