Abandoned House Pyle, by ThaGonx


Hey @ThaGonx
We'd like to know what's happening with Pyle, if you're still working on it, as it's been quite a long time (you haven't create a new thread since migration) that we haven't heard of it.
Please, copy/paste your application here on the new forum, and the main comments that were said on the old thread.
You'd also need 2 new mods for approval, as demod and nick have stepped down.
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Damn, I didn't see this! I'm sorry, I've been away for a while and now that I came back I made some progress with the keep (nothing much tho). I got new ideas and I pretend to continue this project. Unfortunately my app was made on the actual forums, not on a google doc, and I can't access the old forums. But if it's not possible to access it I'll redo it with my new ideas.
So yeah, sry again and thanks for your time!


If you want to continue on Pyle, pls post a new short application, so we can see what has been done, what you want to do and what you're changing from the initial plans.
You'll also have to be re-approved by 2 new mods.
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My old app for Pyle for future reference:

House Pyle

by Gonx

- khhamlet7
- KL City Barracks (South-east)​


House Pyle is a noble house from the Crownlands. According to semi-canon sources they blazon their arms with a grey iron greathelm on white.
The only known member of this house is Ser Howard Pyle who attended the tourney at Ashford Meadow in 209 AC.
Source: AWoIaF

Cardiff Castle Keep:

Rochester Keep:

The Lands
The Pyle lands are located south of the Ivy Inn and west of the Byrch lands. These are small lands surounded by forests, streams and hills. The castle sits in a hill facing the main village and the road through the fields.
(The yellow fields are for artistic purposes, they will most likely be different in game)

The Keep
The Pyle keep is a small round castle with a square keep standing tall over the courtyard. The main keep is where the Lord Pyle resides with his family. The castle has stables, a blacksmith, two guard towers, an armory and the gatehouse. The kitchen and the servants quarters are located under the main keep, while the barracks are located inside the round guard tower that is connected to the gatehouse.

Palette: Monochrome Dark Sandstone, KL Dun Brick, KL Dun Cobble and Bedrock Stairs

House Tests
The house style is mostly the same as the KL Sprawl.
Low Low Class Test:

Low Class Test:

Middle Low Class Test (has an attic):

The Low and Middle Low are basically the same but with a difference in size and height, it's kind of irrelevant since only one or two houses will be Middle Low Class.

You can check the tests and the keep model at /warp gonx. Shortcut: When you warp fly up through the hatch.

The terraforming should be easy, here's the list of what needs to be done:
  • The castle hill (although it already has a nice hill, I want to raise it a little bit);
  • The stream near the western watch tower needs to be longer and start at the hills (as the map states);
  • The forests around the lands;
  • The fields;
  • Other minor things.

That's it guys, please leave feedback!
Thank you for reading!

Btw, bump!


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Colossal bump,
Hey Gonx, we were curious if Pyle was still alive, after stumbling on this thread though I wonder if you were waiting on mod approval before continuing, in which case sorry this got lost! Are you still interested in finishing the area?