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  1. Looks great guys. I especially love the wattle/bush fencing. This is approved from me. I've gone ahead and pasted your layout onto the map.

    As far as the houses go, do try to vary the style a little bit from what is in Mistwood Town. Maybe make things a little rougher and over grown. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
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    Thank you Loras! Glad you like it! We will try our best!

    EDIT: We are done, we will be waiting for your opinions on it.
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  3. Hamlet looks good guys. Thanks for your hard work!
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  4. Proposal: More "Mini-Projects"

    Hoping to get mod approval for two new "mini-projects" (AKA - free labor to help Loras actually maybe finish this thing) to make available for general apps.

    Mistwood Castle Interiors
    Complete the layout of rooms at Mistwood Castle, and furnish the interiors and exterior yards. Ideally this would be done by someone with some experience furnishing castles and/or other high class structures. Application would consist of completing interior tests for the top few floors of the current Tower of Owls.

    Tree-Walk Outposts
    Finish construction on the exteriors for treehouses along the tree walks, and furnish treehouse interiors according their designated purpose (barracks, armory, storage, etc.). Application would consist of a few interior tests for the different types of treehouses.

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  5. Enah

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    As dart is afk, rip, i approve this request
    (Now Open for Apps!)

    Mistwood Castle Interiors
    /warp mistwood
    • Plan room layouts and furnish Mistwood Castle interiors, and exterior yards.
    • Some previous castle/high class interior experience is preferred.
    • Application should consist of an interior test of the top 3 floors of the Tower of Owls (the big, pointy, round tower, with the hoarding around the top)
    • The top floor is a large solar with a modest dining table (see Canon Analysis). The lower floors should contain bed chambers for Lord and Lady Mertyns, a privy, and other related amenities.

    Tree-Walk Houses

    /warp misttown
    • Complete construction of exteriors for treehouses along the tree-walks, and furnish treehouse interiors according to their designated function. (Each treehouse is labeled with a particular role — watchtower, barracks, armory, storage, etc.)
    • Application should consist of test versions of exteriors and interiors for a few different treehouse types.
    • Early treehouse tests can be found at /warp loras.
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    ok, i thought andy had approved or asked changes on the caves, so do as andy said and you may be approved for the caves network, jmc
  8. Hey @jmcmarq, the digging looks like it is going great so far. I have added a few notes in game at /warp mistcave. I also did a little diagram of what I think will work well as far as terrain set types inside the cave.

    To add more realism, I think these two pictures about cave formation and structure might be helpful to keep in mind during the digging.



    Since caves are primarily cut out of the ground by water filtering down, it makes sense to have pools/streams at the lowest points. Additionally, it seems like it would be pretty straight forward to incorporate the existing water features in the rainwood and allow some of the water to flow under ground into the caves, as in the images above.

    Also, because the canon implies that the Children who lived in the caves have made their own modifications, it might be interesting to consider which passages are strictly natural and which might have been carved by the Children and what differences in structure and appearance that might imply.

    Lastly, I do still want to try and incorporate some weirwood into the caves (perhaps in passages that are nearer to the surface), similar to what is described in the Greenseer's cave. It might even make sense to add an additional Godswood deep in the forest with a cave entrance nearby.
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  9. This is just a friendly reminder that there are still 2 Mini-Projects (hamlets!) available at Mistwood.

    I am mostly away for law school, but if you post an application I will get an email, and I promise I will come look at it right away! :)

    Here are the descriptions again. You can also check out /warp mistham1 and /warp mistham2 for ideas (just don't make things look TOO similar).

    Logging Hamlet 2
    /warp mistham3
    • A small hamlet south-east of Mistwood on the southern edge of the Rainwood, where the the forest is less dense.
    • There should be approximately 6-8 houses and an area of forest where trees are cut down including some stumps of already chopped trees.
    • There should also be a lumber yard where the wood can be processed.
    • Houses should be similar in style to /warp misttown. /warp durwellham2 is a good example of the kind of arrangement I would like for the houses. Houses should have small wattle fenced veggie gardens, but the rest of the yard/work stuff can be just outside the hosue without any kind of wall around it.
    Fur Trading Hamlet 2
    /warp mistham4
    • A small hamlet fairly deep in the forest north of Mistwood where hunters gather/live and trade and process furs acquired in the surrounding woods.
    • There should be approximately 6-8 houses and a small trading hall where furs can be prepared, stored, and traded.
    • Buildings should have their own unique style, but still be loosely similar to those at /warp misttown.
    • Its fine to change the terrain somewhat. Slightly uneven ground with houses arranged at varying heights would be ideal.
    • There should be a nearby holdfast to protect the outpost. The holdfast should be a small watchtower type structure in a similar style to Mistwood Castle.
  10. Ive done a test at /warp sajjetta for mistham 4. No ints or windows yet, but the town layout and gradient ideas are in. 6 houses, a common store hall/trade hall, and a stable for traders horses to be put in when traders come. Let me know your thoughts.

  11. Hey Sajj. Nice work on the houses. I have left you a few notes in game on the tests.

    Would you maybe be interested in building at /warp mistham3 for the logging hamlet instead?

    I have been taking a closer look at the site at /warp mistham4 and thinking about it some more, and I am probably going to have to rework some of the terra in the surrounding area to make it turn out the way I would like it. It has nothing to do with you. It is just lack of foresight on my part. It will probably be a while before I can get that done though.

    If you'd like to try the logging hamlet, I think most of what you have done so far will still be useful. /warp durwellham2 is a perfect example of the type of layout I am looking for, and the houses at /warp mistham1 are the building style I'd like to see.
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  12. Not a problem at all, Im more than happy to do the logging camp. Have done a quich very rough test at the top of my plot just now (too tired and ran out of time to make it more complete). 5 Houses and a wood mill. Layouts are all there and will follow the materials seen on the houses (though I havent graded them all). Thatch with porch depends on how well you want the porch thatch supported, cant keep that gradient and have something under all the thatch, but can probably do beams. Mill layout is there in wool. Was going to do two floors, lower couple of blocks stone, the rest wood, with a thatch roof. Let me know your thoughts on whats there so far, and Ill finish it up next time Im on if you need a more complete test.

    Ps I used the current path through as a starting point andI took the liberty of assuming I can use the whole clearing thats there at the moment hence going just outside the red wool box with a couple of the houses
  13. Enah

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    approved, saj, go forth and village it up
  14. Hey Saj, you are approved by me and Enah to start building in the main world. I went ahead and pasted in your test at /warp mistham3.

    Sorry I was away a bit for exams. If you need me to take a look at anything, just post here or shoot me a forum message, and I'll get an email to let me know.
  15. Ah cool, cheers. Not to worry Loras, Ive been pretty quiet too, early starts at work and holidays. I shall get on with the real world building in the next couple of weeks. Thanls for pasting my test in for me.
  16. Hi Loras, sorry got sidetracked by work for a couple of weeks before I finished the detail on the stumps, I'm presuming that and the bushes was your handywork. Did you want anything else added/changed or are you happy with the hamlet as is?
  17. Doing your gradient again like I said I would. Sorry for the laziness. I got a good ways. Going to do the outer walls then work into the inner walls and then work the inside and floors.

    -edit I see you mailed me now :3
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  18. Hey Saj, things are looking great! I did leave some noteblocks with some additional feedback. Overall there are 3 main issues.
    1. The interiors are a little empty throughout. It would be nice to add some more stuff, and make it feel a little more lived in.
    2. There is not quite enough stuff outside in the yards and gardens. There should be more wood working tools, and sheds, outhouses etc. outside the houses. Don't be afraid to add a little bit of stuff for hunting and gather berries and such as well. I have also pointed out a few places that I think would benefit from some more veggies.
    3. Lastly, the thatch roofs on the houses need to show weathering and unevenness. (You can do this by turning some stair blocks sides ways to create small holes, and also by swapping out slab and carpet blocks to give an uneven texture.)
  19. @Sajjetta /warp mistham3 looks great now. Thanks for making those changes.

    Feel free to make any additional adjustments if you would like to, but otherwise it is approved from me.
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  20. Thats quite alright, glad you like it. Sorry its been such a slow process, work and life mean I have to dip in and out where I can.