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  1. please find my applications for house holt below:

    House holt - by Lord_Damascus


    shhf 1
    shhf 3
    Waterman hamlet 1
    Waterman holdfast 1
    Northern brewery at waterman

    House Holt is a noble house in the north, House Holt once held the Wolf's Den. Ser Maynard Holt is the captain of Talon, a ship of the Night's Watch.

    overview of my plans:
    my plans for house holt is to create and a minor house from which trade has come to them from the route on way to white harbor the people of the area are poor farmer/ hunters etc. and will be lightly populated. House holt will have a good relationship with the manderlys and are very loyal towards them and regularly visit them in new castles and seat with them in their court so this will be shown within the lands and keep.

    houses :
    House will follow the same design as what is already in place around in the white harbour sprawl, this is to keep constantly throughout the project and the surrounding lands.

    keep pallet and test:


    The layout/inspiration


    As you can see the layout follows a similar style to that of Douglas the black keep in Scotland the reason for this is that when i started testing for house holt I decided that’s I need a Scottish castle design thats would fit in with the area something small but also could have character just like the rest of surrounding lands of white harbour and this was what came to mind personally I think this will work well within the white harbour project and tried together that of white harbour and moss. (for more information on what the buildings are gonna look like please take a look at my test plot at /warp damascus)

    The image below shows a simple map on how I plan for the land in which holt sits on with look like;


    blue= pound/lake

    red= hamlet

    yellow = keep

    Grey = cliff/hilly areas

    Black = roads/path

    Brown = fields and crops

    Dark green = forest and swampy areas

    Light brown= small wooden watch tower similar to what’s in use around white harbour’s lands

    (note) there are a couple of special buildings within this project, that is a inn complex on the road just outside the hamlet nothing to big or fancy.

    final thoughts

    all the test can be found at /warp damascus if you wish to take a closer look.

    and thanks for taking the time to look through this app and i hope it’s what you are looking for and you approve it .

    the keep doesn’t have a full pallet because i could be bothered but a bit of it does.


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  2. the doc is unavailable :(
  3. Hey Dama,

    I'm wondering what you intended with the roads going horizontally between the fields? Also, there should be a road going North and connecting with Moss (via a bridge over the river). Ideally we should probably do something with the area between Holt and the river as well. I don't think it needs to be too dense, but some meadows and an occasional house/pasture/veggie field might look nice.

    I think it would be helpful if you made a (zoomed in) map that was a little more detailed, since the farmland plots right now are super big and could have more interesting layouts (roads, individual farmer houses, barns, pastures?, etc.). Take a look at some of the fields to the Southeast of WH. Labelling the types of crops would also be very helpful and make the terra a bit easier on my part.
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  4. Glad to see you helping us reach the finish line with WH, Damas!
    On Emot's point about the horizontal roads between the roads, we could have at least one of them lead off into the forest to the east, to a few more lumber camps or something similar, adding some points of interest in that area as well. I will continue my work back up in that area shortly, as the southern WH sprawl nears completion.
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  5. agreed on all points above, apologies emot I didn't think the land between holt and the river was mine with is why I left it and the map is very rough tbh the fields are small fields like what already going on in wh I was just showing the general area of which would be dedicated to farmland. the horizontal paths were intended to head off to small farmstead etc. and very good point kor I think a lumber camp or maybe a hunting post would be good in the forested bits of the land ! I shall come up with a more detail plan for you emot aswell
  6. Please have more than 1 hamlet, the north is riddled already with a really low population. As I stated in my List of Available projects, no project should be geared towards a level 1 unless necessary (I acknowledge you probably haven't seen it), and this would most definitely be ranked as such. Upon going through most of the northern locations, we were severely lacking in projects beyond a keep and a few homes. So please, reconsider the one hamlet layout, I personally don't believe it's acceptable.

    Holt was added during Waz's and I's addition of houses to the list. While having the option to put it anywhere, you decided to cram them next to White Harbour when you have the entire south of Flint along the river to make a reasonably sized house sharing more than one hamlet.
    This article says Holt use to be ruler of the Wolf's Den but that doesn't imply that they're that nearby.

    Expand and relocate I say.

    The keep you have is lovely, give it some lovely lands too.
  7. Holt is officially a sub-build of White Harbor (not a full project, as Dama is currently working on waterman anyways) and was planned that way pretty much since we started the sprawl. I think the location is fine, as it adds variety and backstory to the development of WH over the ages, which is very important for a city build. The North is pretty lacking overall, but that won't be solved by relocating such a small project.

    The one hamlet is what I told dama to go with, however Holt should also form part of the continuous sprawl of WH to an extent, so there should be more houses along the fields and roads than just the main hamlet.

    And yeah @lord_damascus , I wouldn't mind if you expanded the map to include the whole WIP area between the area I'm doing to the west and the area Kor is doing to the east. Both of us will be doing most of the terra, so it shouldn't be too much extra planning work but would help on our part.
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  8. Sorry! I guess I had pieces of missing information. Holt never was dedicated a section of land so it seemed weird to press it against WH without just reasoning.
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  9. not to worry otty just a misunderstanding and I agree with the north lacking it's something I tried to rectify with waterman, and that's no problem emot I shall have a new plan soon for you.
  10. [​IMG]

    dark green = forest/bogs/marsh etc.
    light green= light forest
    dark brown = fields
    small maroon circles = windmills
    orange = farmstead
    blue= hamlet houses (low class)
    purple = log mill and inn complex
    red = wooden watchtower (same as what already used in wh sprawl)
    dark blue = small pond
    light brown = bridge into moss lands
    black = paths and roads

    -Fields will be mostly wheat with a few veggie fields near the main road e.g cabbage, turnips etc
    - this is not to scale
    -may plan for a small sept to also be in the hamlet but this is done to the mods decission
  11. Hey Dama,

    I like your plans overall! I made a few modifications to the map (also just fleshing out some stuff in more detail), let me know what you think:


    I used yellow-green to indicate veggie fields (as opposed to brown which will be wheat fields). I'm also now using the light blueish green to indicate meadows and grazing pastures.

    We can discuss the map more, but I like your overall direction! Also, I already mentioned this to you in-game, but for the keep, you'll probably want to re-build some of the keep in order to fit the terrain (rather than being completely flat). Approved!
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  12. I like your plans better and it works fine by me ! and agreed on the keep look forward to helping complete this gem in the north !
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