Abandoned House Hersy of Newkeep


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is the document public? sorry, says its not published and im trying to figure out why


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Hey Mandos,

I've worked with you in-game a bit already with this, and I'm happy with what you have! So, approved by me.

Just a suggestion though, it'd be cool to have a small mountain path somewhere (also a fun terraform discursion). Perhaps it can go up to a small septry, like was planned in old Newkeep.

The only other thing was - and I know the fields in your map are only rough placeholders- but try your best to have a transition from "livestock/pasture land" to "field land", rather than individual clusters of fields here and there. The area to the west has more space, so would probably be better for having a more centralized & organized system of fields closer to the foothills of the mountains (I would even recommend getting rid of some of the forest there or pushing the forest back closer to the mountains, in order to make space). Whereas in the narrower sections to the east, I'd just ditch the fields and turn those areas into more livestock pastures, a la the fingers.

Hopefully you get what I mean, if not I can clarify more.


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I agree with Emot's points above. Otherwise, approved!
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Yeah I will definitely put in a cool mountain path for the planned septry, sounds like a fun project!

The fields will be easy to change. Don't worry, I will concentrate fields to the west, and pastures to the East.


NK Holdfast with fisher village

After completing my probation yesterday, I would like to share my planning for a Hamlet.
In consultation with Mandos I have created the following plan. I am open to comments regarding my planning.
The houses are based on the previous in the New Keep Project area and deviate only in the use of spruce wood as a roofing material (because of the surrounding forests).
We have planned the holdfast together and it is now ready for the transfer to the map, i think.


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Hey Xeson,

All of the tests look spectacular! I do have a concern, though: the app says it's for a holdfast with a fishing village, but both the keep and the village seem quite a bit more substantial than that definition. A fishing village would just be a bunch of peasant hovels and maybe a small simple sept (would definitely not have things like an inn and blacksmith), and a holdfast is basically just a small fortification where peasants can retreat in case the village comes under attack.

The keep seems appropriate for that of a landed knight. If you can post some explanation for why the moderately sized keep and village, I would happily approve. The village may still need to be sized down a little bit though, since there is the main newkeep village/port pretty closeby.
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Thanks for your feedback.
Mandos responded to my initial suggestions that this Holdfast guarded the entrance to the Vale and should therefore be more than a pure holdfast.
The village is therefore also more extensive than a pure fishing village, because travelers use this place as a first stop. The blacksmith is primarily based there because of the always manned Fort and would possibly also attract a few passing customers.
My thought was that this village has become a bit more (over the years) than just a fishing village because it has a pinpoint position (bottleneck).

[Edit: Based on the Web map, the distance between New Keep and the current planning region is approximately the same as between the Twins and the current planning region. I think New Keep stretches along the coast for a very long distance and needs more than one possibility to rest.]

I hope that this explanation could bring a bit more clarity and I would be willing to adjust the plans if there are any further comments of course.
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OK, that makes a lot of sense actually! I approve.

Are you eventually going to make a road going west to connect with the kingsroad, @Mandos ?
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OK. Time for a small update.
I completed all houses at newkeepholdfast and prepared the fields for the replacement with Worldedit based on the colors at /warp newkeepfarming

I think trees should be placed on the mountainside to cover the small village better.

More minor details will be placed, after the brown wool gets replaced.

I am not 100% sure about the small dock area, but I think it has a reasonable size. The course of the river is not perfect yet and should be revised by someone with more skills in that matter.

At the edge of the forest I also planned a small lumberjack hut, which would not necessarily be in my area. Still, I think she would fit in very well.

Feel free to give feedback and I hope everything is fine.
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Hello Mandos, I've just visited one of your hamlets, and I think you should revise the example houses, especially the middle class one.

You use overhangs on the middle class house, but there is no overhang on the other examples. Going through your other hamlets, I can see that they use a mix of overhangs/no overhangs, which looks a bit weird. You've also told Peanut to remove the overhang from his house, even though his house is a middle class house and followed the example house to the letter.

In the example house you only use plain daub/plaster, Crosshatches and square frame, whereas on the lower class house you also use right/lefthatches. This has worked alright in the other hamlets, but with a house as wide as peanut's it just looks a bit weird. I think you could be a bit more clear on whether right/lefthatches are allowed, and how often you want a crosshatch.

For the windows in all the classes, you use fences. I thought fence windows were outdated and was not something we did anymore, but I could be wrong?!

All your example houses lack window shutters in the small stone windows (the 2-stair ones)


Hey mandos, so going across some of the lands on the west side, is kinda strange. there's rising cliffs that dont seem to fit the terra or location, why do the mountains and cliffs suddenly do this? and why is there a steep mouontain right against the sea just east of newkeepfarming?
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