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My concerns:

Erenford / Castle:

- The main keep has two spots where the stone is clearly leaning on the wood. I realise its been done to allow a door into the turrets but its too obvious. Please try to find a way to fix them, Ive left melons to point them out. The goal is structural stability when fixing them, tho I dont mind if you take small shortcuts to create the illusion of structural stability at least.

Erenford Hamlet 1:

- No issues generally.

Erenford Hamlet 2:

- Looks good, update the logs on the jungle wood roofs to be jungle wood walls.

Erenford Mine:

- No issues generally.

Final Note:

- There is a large patch of green wool bordered by red sand near /warp erenfordmine just to the south-west. I assume this is part of the Erenford lands and it needs to be completed before I can post approve this project.
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Hey Howy, thank you for you feedback,
I've addressed all the stuff above the castle i changed the stairs to stone to accommodate the ceiling being the wall so it held up the wall instead of the wood which was used. changed the jungle wood walls hadn't noticed ty
final note
ok I'm very confused on the final note part as it is out of my border, which i already sorta pushed down my border a bit in the west hamlet part. But I did fill all the holes in, all the big spheres of wool i removed and smoothed the land and made it just grass, its haigh lol also waz there was still a section of haigh that you missed in the nuking that is what all that wool was howy the red sand was the border

but i think you were talking about the red sand which was my border which is now done removed any of the other bits on the other side so theres a clear border for haigh

here i made a map to show :)

hope that is okey :?
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ok finally House erenford is completed then i guess. post approval was... yeah.. lol xD
I want to say sorry for getting annoyed for the post approval it was with all changes that were done heh and I've just wanted to get this project done so i can focus on my other stuff on the server like 2 holdfast a plotted hamlet and white harbour tanner sprawl lol.

thank you to all those who helped me with creating erenford,
a special thanks to my mods howy and waz, also thanks duck,endy,wrmd,olaf for the help in erenford and also anyone who made plots in erenford

also wiki page, i don't know if it was posted already
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