Abandoned House Bolling


Hey Bol. I really love your castle design and all the tests. Impressive stuff!

The terra work looks quite nice as well. Since you would be building in the Rainwood, for continuity sake, you'll want to be mindful of the types of trees and ground cover you are using so that everything matches up. Also, the Rainwood is a giant old forrest, so it might do to throw in some larger trees, such as some big pines, or maybe even some of those redwoods we have around Mistwood.

Definitely check out @Aslanio's work at /warp rainwoodtest, if you haven't already. That is what I have based all of my Rainwood stuff on. I have some more stuff I can share with you as far as tree types and block mixes if you are interested. (Also the canon in our app describing the Rainwood might be handy too.)

Also do keep the scale in mind. It seems that not much is known about Bolling, and even their placement on Cape Wrath in the Rainwood seems to be some conjecture on our part. Given that they are deep in the Rainwood and are likely to be sort of an off shoot of a larger house I am worried the castle may be just a bit too posh.


Hey bol, so, I'm liking the castle, it's fitting for that Stormlands area. A bit too fancy, however, with enough poverty inside the rooms it should balance out. I agree with Loras, but I'd like a map with some road network details. Love the houses. Absolutely spot on with the depressing-not-depressing stormlands look!


Hey Bol

I will be stepping in for Enah as approving mod. Could you please link your application with your plans, maps etc. again? It seems to have been lost. An update on the state of the project with what is completed / left to do would be much appreciated.
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