Horseshoe hills (Reach)


As I was looking at some locations of the Northern Reach (near Old Oak, Coldmoat and around the Horseshoe hills), I found it quite hard to find any cannon location for some locations there.
And I came across this map, and the blog atlasoficeandfire.

Does anyone know this blog? is it serious?
Also, what was the cannon that led us to place the Horseshoe hills where they currently are (North-East of Old Oak)?



I also wonder where we place the Northmarch.
Currently, according to where Houses Durwell, Conklyn, Webber and Osgrey are located, it would be South of Crakehall and North of this group of Houses.


"It was a grant of rights, ser. To Lord Wyman Webber, from the king. For his leal service in the late rebellion, Lord Wyman and his descendants were granted all rights to the Chequy Water, from where it rises in the Horseshoe Hills to the shores of Leafy Lake. It also said that Lord Wyman and his descendants should have the right to take red deer and boar and rabbits in Wat's Wood whene'er it pleased them, and to cut twenty trees from the wood each year." The boy cleared his throat. "The grant was only for a time, though. The paper said that if Ser Eustace were to die without a male heir of his body, Standfast would revert to the crown, and Lord Webber's privileges would end."

It'd be important for the development of the Sworn Sword land