My names lobster, I've played mc for about 7 years now and I'm an experienced remake map builder. I build quality maps from The Last of Us and many other games.

I'm pretty new here, heard about the server through Facebook and did some digging and found you guys, I was gonna check the server out but I can't seem to get the client for it? (The one provided on the wiki) I installed forge and all but the server refuses to let me on :(

I wana become apart of the community but i can't if I cannot join the server :/ (This is half introducing and half needing help haha)

(Also the picture says REEEEEEE, but it doesnt fit =( )
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Donkey Lord
There is a launcher for the server which is a separate download. Using that is easier then trying to create the forge method of getting in from scratch.


Donkey Lord
its in downloads. mouse over the tab that says downloads on this site and it should have a box drop down with the label launcher and below it, wallpapers. click launcher and then download the version that fits your operating system