Harrenhal, Harrentown and Hogg Hall Redo Appeals


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Hey all!

I here present an appeal for Harrenhal, Harrentown and Hogg Hall to be exempted from the No-Redo Rule per Clauses 1(a) - Server Build (If the build under consideration is a server build) and 1(b) - Inadequate Canon (If the build under consideration objectively lacks important canon).

After discussions held about where on the timeline is our server it has been agreed that there are some canon details that should be included in the area around the God's Eye involving the impacts of the Lannister invasion of the Riverlands. The important details, reasonings and canon quotes demonstrating that can be found in Dutchs thread.

Aditionally, canon demonstrates that the area where Hogg Hall currently is should also be the lands of House Wode. It makes sense to assume that Hogg Hall, despite being in the Riverlands, is close to the lands of Sow's Horn (seat of house Hogg, in the Crownlands), perhaps being owned by a branch of the Hoggs. And as such, it would be fair to assume the lands we currently atribute to Hogg Hall would belong to the Wodes because of the proximity the books demonstrate they have in relation to Sow's Horn.

But to clarify the needed changes this thread points out:
  • Harrentown needs to be portrayed as destroyed and occupied by the Lannister army.
  • Harrenhal also needs to be be under Lannister occupation, with Tywin currently residing in the castle.
  • The Hogg Hall area needs to show signs of recent raiding done by Amory Lorch forces. It also needs to include the seats of House Wode.
Some relevant canon quotes concerning the Hogg Hall lands:

"Prince Aemond had become the terror of the Trident, descending from the sky to rain fire and death upon the riverlands, then vanishing, only to strike again the next day fifty leagues away. Vhagar’s flames reduced Old Willow and White Willow to ash, and Hogg Hall to blackened stone."

"The next day [after talking with lord Hogg], the column crossed the stream that formed the boundary between the lands that did fealty to King's Landing and those beholden to Riverrun. Maester Gulian consulted a map and announced that these hills were held by the brothers Wode, a pair of landed knights sworn to Harrenhal... but their halls had been earth and timber, and only blackened beams remained of them."
It's so beautiful though. Only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the use of log tables. I think if you can replace them with activated pistons (not piston tops), it would look much nicer and could probably just go with a very very minor update. But that's just my two cents, otherwise it's magnificent. do i put /s or do i not? hmmmm i'll let you decide if you think i'm being sarcastic or only half-joking