Guillaaard Builder Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
the worldbuilding ! what we can learn in the book a world of ice and fire, mainly,all the cultures, the depiction of clothes, food, architecture, the history of the world. and also the ambiance and atmosphere in the books, particularly nature description during bran point of view in his wolf, or every character who can Shapeshift or become animal.

What is your favorite build on our server?
Uffering, or Wickenden castle , they are full of atmosphere and little details, they feel alive and full of little story

Why do you want to join our server?
I love your style of building, and the idea of recreating a realistic medieval westeros, and if i can be a part of it i'd love to


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing Jon Snow


A Knight at the Opera
Hi guillaaard,
Thank you for completing this application, you might've noticed that Uffering is inspired by Mont St, Michel in France so I can see why you liked it!

Well done with replicating the application house, As I hope you can tell ,we try to put as much detail and signs of life as we can into every single building on the server. Hopefully through this application process you'll see how this approach is carried across our different projects and styles.

You're off to a good start and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next. For your first challenge build, please make a Low Class Farmer's house in the style of /warp hawthornetown and share screenshots of it in this thread (an easy way to do it is upload them and share the link).

Take note of commonalities between the houses (block mix, shape of roof, size of house, interior blocks, attic spaces, mezzanine platforms) and make a house that would fit into the Hawthorne town. It would be great if you could add a yard to it too.

If you haven't already, you can take a look at the Basic Building Guide for some more tips.

Please take your time to study the style in detail, and make sure to ask if you have any questions on the above feedback or the hawthornetown style.

Good luck!
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Hi Cash !

i've seen it ! and i have also see some french castle and medieval inspiration in other castle as well, or the mediterranean style of some places remind me a lot of southern france like the terraforming and buildings around Starpike which are beautiful.

so here is my first challenge build, the Hawthorne town low class farmer house :
there are some layout of other buildings around, it was to integrate my build into an urban grid, where yard walls of other house border other yards, so it feels intricate, as i've seen it in the town.
it seem like the building style was a little bit outdated i think ? as some of it's characteristics seem to be absent in more recent project i've seen on the server, but i might be wrong, but it was really fun to play with the yard and the interior ! but it feels like i should work on my daub and wattle patern.

i wait eagerly for your feedback on the house and the next challenge !
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A Knight at the Opera
Hey Guillaaard,

Thanks for completing this house in the Hawthorne style, you've done a really good job. Not only have you nailed the style (and correctly identified some of its slightly outdated elements), but you've added a great amount of detail too. I really like the shape of the yard, washing line, sitting area, all lots of nice little things.

You're correct that Hawthorne's an older style, but I was really more interested to see how you identify the key elements of a project's look and feel and incorporate the standard elements we like to include in all our builds. You did well on both fronts there.

For your next challenge, please build a middle class professional house in the style of /warp hgtown. Houses in large towns will usually have a profession on their on the ground floor and residence upstairs, take a look at the finished houses in the area for inspiration, and give the house some kind of profession that would make sense in Highgarden (e.g. carpenter/wine merchant/tailor/blacksmith) and a yard would be great as well. Take note of the shape of the roof, how we use stairs to create the effect of floorboards and what kind of blocks would suit a middle class house (nothing too lavish).

Looking forward to seeing your work!
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hi again !

here is the house !
the exterior and the ward :
the interior and the basement :
it's a wine merchant house, composed of the main home with an atenant entry to a cave where the owner store the coming and going wine he buy and sell, right next to the outdoor display of his products. I've added a ramp and a cord, to make it look like it's used to get barrels upstairs as much as getting them to the cellar. on top this, an overhang shelter the parent's chamber and a balcony where someone seems to write poetry.
the big wall which support this entry and the chimney would be also used by the adjacent house that could be here to support itself, that's why i didn't put to much details on it. i've putted the kitchen downstairs but quite separated from the shop, to not do multiple chimneys , and put the two fireheart of the house on top on one another.
under the roof is a storage area and the chamber of the children of the family. I wanted to create some sort of game, but i didn't see anyways to do it, so i put a blanket down a put a broken sword they could have found while wandering in the town in search of something to play, and because old rusty sword battle seem like a good and safe way of playing.

it was really a pleasure to build it, working with greenary and a more town oriented build,
have a nice day :)


A Knight at the Opera
Hey Guillaaard,

Great work with this house, you've really nailed all the small details.

I think at this point you'll learn more from being an actual builder, so consider yourself approved!

Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here:

The next step is to make a probation thread in the Probation Forum. You can start building at any open locations on the server - you can find a list of these at /warp build, although it's sometimes outdated, so I would also recommend just asking people in-game and checking the forums for recent project happenings. You can also toggle open plot markers on the dynmap

A probie leader should post on your thread within a week or so and continue to give you constructive feedback on your houses for the next month (and help be your entry point into the server community in general), although as sometimes the probie leaders are busy IRL you may need to be patient while they find the time to respond to you. But message me again if a probie leader hasn't contacted you within two weeks, or if they're taking a while to respond. I would also encourage you to seek feedback from project leaders and other builders/mods. At the end, you'll be made full builder assuming everything goes smoothly.

I'd suggest you also start thinking about what projects you might like to work on, we encourage new builders to first work on "mini-projects" which are small one off areas of other projects, e.g. a hamlet, mill, quarry, and flagged as open for mini-apps by the project leader. Once you've done a few of these you'll be able to apply for a full project.

Make sure to stay in touch and let us know if you're losing interest, not finding enough work to do, or if there's any issues with the probation.

Welcome aboard and I'll see you in Westeros!