Foster Project- Longtable

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  1. Longtable will be my next foster child!

    List of what needs to be complete

    -Complete Vineyards
    -Complete homes in the logging hamlet
    -Complete lands fulfill to a modern look, such as trees, plants, foliage and maybe some additional fields
    -Complete lth1 (hamlet)


    -The homes will receive fairly heavy treatment with the removal of marble and the "barn roof" shape.
    -A whitewashed pallet will be used and the stone (light grey stone, faint light grey and smooth) will go up the entire first floor.
    -Simplified supports will be placed
    -Log removal and interior clean up
    -Sprawl homes will not have wood frames for roofs

    The castle will have walls flattened to be less ornate, and removal of excessive sept capstones.
    A gradient will be more prevalent and cobblestone made substantially less, if any all.
    -Most interiors will be gutted or changed significantly so to be more logical and stylistically modern.

    -The fields will receive some face lifting as well, to look more organized and less messy.
    -Town walls well be smoothed and give an appropriate gradient
    -The Statue will be nuked

    If there is a critique to the changes let me know I'd be happy. This project is a bit horrendous in terms of the pallet and I was struggling to find a nice medium between old and new.

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  2. Approved!
    Also, please fill the lands South of Threehills / East of Threehills and Dunwick (eastern part of the Longtable lands), with fields, forests, whatever, just fill it... :)
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  3. I like it. Go forth and build!

    Edit: For the castle wall, I'd maybe take a look at Farring for ideas on how to make the gradient more interesting.
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  4. Bless ye bless ye.

    Absolutely, is what I meant Eld when I discussed doing more land work, so I got you on that!

    And anything to help that pallet Emot.
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  5. Will changing the barn style roof of the houses be a bit of a pain? Would it mean having to re-do all the upper level furnishing?
  6. Enah

    Enah Mother Nature and Lord in Bandallon Maester

    Kul is gonna be heartbroken
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  7. Nah, more often than not it doesn't so so significantly, especially if I don't lower them and instead raise the bottom stair up one.
  8. And the pallet has changed to Elds pallet, it looked better on the single story homes.
  9. Don't forget to add flowers
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  10. Weeds and dirt?
  11. Alexa how do I delete another person's post
  12. Marg claims she is done with the forest, so that being said, LT is complete. <3
    This challenge of a project has now gone through WCTV's newest series, " Otty and the Foster Project."

    Thanks to the help of Desmera, Eld, Enah, and Emot.
    And *rolls out red carpet* a Royal thanks Marg for doing the flowering of the project and two hamlets.

    Longtable, a project formly notorious for being ... eh-hem "unique" is now decent and up to most standards. Therefore please get me off this project and post approve me.
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  13. end of an era
  14. It's not the end of an era until Kulmen stops being inactive, smh
  15. Will take a look asap, thanks for the work @otty and the help @Margaery_Tyrell !

    I would fully understand if you'd refuse / want to move on to something else, but if you feel motivated, I'd really like to use this foster project to fill the lands that are currently empty.
    I asked you when approving the foster project if you could
    ie: [​IMG]

    Tell me if you want to do it! :)
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  16. I thought you meant the forest between the two hamlets. There was actually a sign stating that "DO NOT BUILD , BRIDGE'S LANDS" right before three hills on one of the sandstone pillars (now deleted) further imbedding my belief that they weren't part of Longtable. I even thought for the longest time that Three Hills was then not part of LT but another project. So I left the areas undone thinking that LT had already crossed over into another projects purposed lands. But I'll do some minor filling in with a couple more fields, pastures forest spread to satisfy.

    However South of three hills has some pretty flowering done by marg. That area is complete.
    But I want to bargain.
    Approve the rest of the project as I begin work on decorating the lands. This is to speed things up for me so when the extra bit of land is done I can grab a mod have them fly through it and call the project good.
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  17. Someone migrated my mojang account and idk who did it so im trying to get it back
  18. Might be easier to just buy another account. If you alert Mojang early they act but after a few days of losing and account to Russian password stealing Spyware it's hard to get it back. Install the free version of bit defender and make a full system scan. Also change your email password and link it to your cellular phone.
  19. Deal!
  20. Spent some time going through it in-game with otty, everything that I've seen looks good now, so you have my post-approval! Wonderful job, I think this stands as a great proof of concept for future foster projects. It looks pretty much brand-new.
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