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Having issues joining the server? Read the following page and see if your problems haven't been solved before (odds are that they were). If you're experiencing issues beyond the herein covered errors, you may request community assistance here.

BEFORE YOU CREATE A THREAD, be sure to do the following.
  • Make sure you're using our New Launcher. Many issues with the old launcher have been fixed in the new version.
  • Common Issues
    • Stuck at Extracting
      If the launcher is stuck at the extracting stage for an extended period of time (longer than a few minutes), it means that you've got the wrong version of Java installed and that the launcher has trouble downloading the correct version (due to a recent policy change in Oracle's distribution of it's Java Runtime Environments.)
      • Solution
        • Go to Java.com and download the 64 bit version of the latest Java 8 Runtime Environment (currently jre-1.8.211)
        • Install Java in the default location, under Windows that's C:\Program Files\Java\..
        • Open the launcher, go to Settings and Java Settings and update the Java Executable path to point at the location of your newly installed 64 bit version. It needs to point at the jawaw.exe inside the \bin\ folder.
        • Common Mistakes
          If the path points at C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\.. it's pointing at the 32bit version. This will not work.
    • Game crashes after launch
      The WesterosCraft mod pack requires at least 4GB of RAM available to Minecraft. If your game crashes after launch, you very likely do not have enough RAM available to play with our mod pack. If you are sure you have enough RAM available on your computer (i.e. at the very least more than 6GB total), follow the instructions below on how to create a tech support thread or contact us on Discord. Always include the launcher's console output, read below on instructions for that.
  • Everything seems to be working, but you're not sure where to find something or have a question. Check out our wiki.
  • Check the existing support threads. Someone else may have had the same issue and figured out how to fix it.

Creating a support thread should be your last resort. The vast majority of support requests are covered by the two aforementioned common issues. In this case, do not post a support request, simply read and follow the instructions.

If you are experiencing any other issue, you're very welcome to create a support thread or reach out to us on Discord. Please always follow the formatting requirements below (both on Discord and the forums!) and always provide the launchers console log.
  • Give your thread a meaningful title.
    • [Operating System] Brief description of issue.
      Ex. [macOS] Unable to launch, getting a download error.
  • Follow the following template for the content.

    [Operating System]
    Launcher Version: [Version can be found on Settings > About]
    Issue: [Brief description of the issue]
    Explanation: [If necessary, include more information about the issue. Specifically, we are looking for an explanation of the events leading up to the issue.]

    OS: Windows 10
    Launcher Version: v1.5.1
    Issue: Cannot join the server, getting kicked with the reason "Failed to verify username."
    Explanation: When I try to click play, the game launches but I am unable to connect to the server. I am rejected with the above reason. Nothing else seems to be going wrong.

  • Finally, you need to attach your console output.If you're getting an issue, we need to know what that issue is. Attaching the output is very easy.
    • Open the console using CTRL + Shift + i.
    • Do whatever causes the issue. We want the error to be in the console.
    • Paste the output on pastebin and link the result or export the output and attach it to your reply. Instructions to export can be found here.

Following these guidelines will help us help you faster.

Think you found a bug? Familiar with GitHub? Report the issue on our GitHub.​
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